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NASA Budget Would Be More of the Same ... on the Surface, National Journal

"Unfortunately, the Committee has lost confidence in NOAA's ability to control procurement costs or articulate reliable funding profiles. Therefore, we have taken the unprecedented step of transferring responsibility for building our Nation's operational weather satellites from NOAA to NASA," [Mikulski] said."

U.S. could lose aging eyes in the sky, CNN

"Of 23 such satellites now aloft -- carrying dozens of instruments that help weather forecasters produce storm warnings and measure pollution, ocean winds and sea levels -- only six are expected to remain in operation by 2020, and efforts to replace them have stalled, the National Research Council reports."

Satellites at risk, Washington Post

"The NRC proposes restoring NASA's earth observation satellite funding to the level seen in the late 1990s -- before President George W. Bush reprogrammed money from those satellites into things such as manned spaceflight to Mars. That level stands at about $2 billion."

NASA's James Hansen Slams Obama's Failure to Lead on Climate, Rolling Stone

"President Obama can't catch a break: Just when he gets right with the gays, the greens come after him. In today's New York Times NASA's leading climate scientist James Hansen takes the president to task for not doing jack on climate change. "President Obama speaks of a 'planet in peril,'" Hansen fumes, "but he does not provide the leadership needed to change the world's course."



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