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DigitalGlobe and Enough Project Formalize Partnership to Monitor Mass Violence in Sudan

"DigitalGlobe (DGI), a leading global provider of high-resolution earth imagery solutions, today announced an agreement with the Enough Project to continue providing unrivaled imagery and analysis services to monitor evidence of bombings, razed villages and possible threats to civilians in Sudan in an effort called the Satellite Sentinel Project (SSP). In addition to the imagery and analysis provided under the terms of this new agreement, DigitalGlobe will also contribute additional in-kind services."

GoreSat Is Back

Once-derided climate-change satellite may launch with new goal

"An Earth observation satellite conceived by former Vice President Al Gore -- but banished to a Maryland warehouse by foes of climate change after George W. Bush beat Gore for the presidency -- could get a ride into space as early as 2014. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration wants about $23 million next year to continue a quiet reboot of the satellite, and spending bills circulating in Congress show that lawmakers -- so far -- are willing go along with it."

Keith's note: First it was called "Triana". NASAWatch called it "GoreSat". Then it was "Deep Space Climate Observatory" (DSCOVR). If this spacecraft is eventually launched, you can be absolutely certain that NASA (or NOAA) will not be able to figure out what Triana has cost since its inception in 1998 and various reincarnations since then. Try and get a consistent cost number out of NASA for Mars Phoenix, for example.

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