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Judge Orders NASA to Release Climate Change-Related Documents, Allgov

"Among the materials NASA withheld were two electronic directories referred to as the "Steve" and "alternate cleaning" directories, media inquiries about the data corrections, and two email accounts of Dr. Gavin Schmidt, a NASA scientist who teaches at Columbia University and contributes to a blog called Although CEI wanted all that and more, Judge Rothstein ordered NASA to release only the "Steve" directory and one of Dr. Schmidt's email accounts, finding that the other materials either held no responsive documents or fell within a valid FOIA exemption. Declining to go further, Rothstein rejected CEI's contention that that NASA had acted in bad faith. "CEI"s request for discovery is not justified here because CEI has not provided any evidence that the agency acted in bad faith and the outstanding issues of fact do not suggest bad faith on the part of NASA," Judge Rothstein ruled."



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