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A Vision of Stars, Grounded in the Dust of Rural India, NY Times

"Anupam Kumar, 17, is the eldest son of a scooter-rickshaw driver. Anupam is good at math. He has taught himself practically everything he knows, and when he grows up he wants to investigate if there is life in outer space. He says he wants to work at NASA." ..."Moni Kumari Gupta, 17, is one of the rare girls in Mr. Kumar's program. She, too, wants to do space research, also at NASA."

NASA Kills Space Academy Procurement (Earlier post)

Editor's note: On 3 June 2005 I sent an email regarding the cancellation of "Plan for Prioritizing Teacher Training, Integrating Existing Math and Engineering Education, and Exploring Options for Creating a Virtual Space Academy" asking "Why was this procurement activity cancelled? Will another one be issued?" I sent my request to Education AA Adena Loston, Acting PAO Chief Dean Acosta, and Joe Davis, AA for Strategic Communications. After 2 weeks I had received nothing and had to ask a second time. This is what I was sent today by Renee Juhans at PAO:

Editor's note: It has been a week and a half since I posted this comment on 5 June 2005 and requested some background information from NASA. Other than a short phone call from Renee Juhans at PAO (providing no facts) I have received no information whatsoever in response to my request.

Plan for Prioritizing Teacher Training, Integrating Existing Math and Engineering Education, and Exploring Options for Creating a Virtual Space Academy

"This procurement has been canceled."

Editor's note: So much for "inspiring the next generation of space explorers"...I guess NASA is now formally ignoring the Presidentially-chartered Aldridge Commission report which recommended that NASA "explore options to create a university-based "virtual space academy" for training the next generation technical work force."

Report of the Presidents Commission on Implementation of United States Space Exploration Policy

Reader comment:"I am a physics/computer science HS teacher, and have been getting students involved directly with NASA scientists and engineers through the NASA Student Involvement Program. The program, which has existed in some form since the days of Skylab, will not be funded next year according to what we the teachers were told."

Intern Opportunity

The Society of Satellite Professionals International (SSPI) Mid-Atlantic Chapter Introduces Annual Internship Stipend Program

"The SSPI's Mid-Atlantic Chapter announced today that it will award a $500 - $1,000 stipend to one or more college students interning in a satellite or aerospace organization this year. The financial support is a tangible reflection of the SSPI's mission to "enhance knowledge and career development" among current and future industry professionals."



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