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Reader comment: "This is mostly amusing. I like how NASA is efficient in its reuse of official pronouncements. I got this e-mail today:"

Reader comment: "Since this summer when my note concerning the possible cutting of the NASA Student Involvement Program was posted on NASA Watch, I was contacted by over 130 teachers who wanted to help. They all agreed to write letters to senators/reps/etc. We heard back from 3 senators who all said they would do what they could to support the program. Sadly, the NASA Student Involvement Program was cut completely."

Moonbuggy fans relax; race returns for 2006, Huntsville Times

"A NASA spokesman said then that NASA canceled the event because the race "takes considerable resources," including 300 volunteers as well as "a substantial amount of money," about $179,000. After the announcement, Jensen said, NASA heard from teachers who had planned their curricula around the construction of the moonbuggies. "They're working on their buggies now," he said."

Save The Moonbuggy Race (24 August 2005)

"A notice on NASA's Great Moonbuggy Race website says it all: "...we must terminate the Great Moonbuggy Race, which we had conducted annually since 1994". Because of shifting priorities and "allocating our human and financial resources to efforts that best contribute to accomplishing our goals", the event that, ever year, inspired students around the country to be innovative in a practical way... is gone."



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