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NASA Named One of the Top Government Innovators

"The NASA Explorer Schools Program was chosen as one of the Top 50 Government Innovations for 2006 by the Ash Institute for Democratic Governance and Innovation. The selected programs represent the government's best efforts in various areas including education and training. They demonstrate the most innovative, creative and results-oriented efforts in government according to the award criteria."

Northrop Grumman Becomes Co-pilot for NASA's Great Moonbuggy Race

"Northrop Grumman Corporation has signed a three-year sponsorship agreement with the U.S. Space & Rocket Center (USSRC) here to become the major sponsor for NASA's Great Moonbuggy Race, now in its 13th year. The agreement, worth $270,000, helps ensure that NASA Marshall Space Flight Center's annual vehicle design and race competition will continue to attract and challenge the best student engineering teams from around the world."

Setting A Bad Example

NASA chief: Lawmakers need to improve infrastructure, schools, AP

"You've got to look at the high tech centers around the nation: Albuquerque, Los Angeles, the Bay Area of California, the Boston 128 corridor. You've got to look at those areas which in the past have been successful in attracting high tech and do what they did," said Griffin, who has a handful of masters degrees to accompany his doctorate in aerospace engineering. He noted competition for the high tech is fierce not only in the U.S., but around the world, adding that India and China are fasting becoming players. Space, he said, is the "new enterprise" of the 21st century and will determine the world powers of the future."

Editor's note: Meanwhile, as he lectures Florida politicians on what they should be doing, Mike Griffin is cutting NASA's education programs, gutting research and technology which lays the ground work for a future generation of researchers, and is erasing entire research disciplines from NASA's research portfolio. How many scientists and engineers won't be trained because of Griffin's decisions? What sort of message does that send - Do as I say - but not as I do?



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