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Weightless, for 25 seconds at a time, AP

"As I dreamed at night, I floated free of gravity, arms out like Superman with nothing but air underneath me. I was flying. This wasn't just some dream about freedom. I was reliving a real-life wild ride through the wonders of weightlessness -- experiencing a feeling I can't quite recapture while awake. It is a feeling of freedom from limits -- a feeling that, after it was quickly over, went right to my gut, my emotional center, but wouldn't stick around in my conscious mind for easy recall."

More Tourists Weigh Zero Gravity Flights, AP

"Science teacher Mike Hickey has long understood the difference between mass and weight. Now, floating in zero gravity, he doesn't just understand it, he feels it. Hickey, all 197 pounds of him, is drifting along with 38 other teachers inside a specially modified jet diving over the Atlantic Ocean."

Video of AP reporter Seth Borenstein during weightless flight, AP video

Editor's update: Go to SciTech and click on "Teachers, Tourists Fly in Zero Gravity"

- Weightless Over Cleveland - Part 1: Floating Teachers, SpaceRef
- Weightless Over Cleveland - Part 2: Learning to Fly, SpaceRef
- Northrop Grumman Concludes Weightless Teacher Program in Nation's Capital

Name a Node

NASA Student Competition to Name International Space Station Node 2

"The student competition to name the Node 2 module of the International Space Station has begun. NASA Education, which is responsible for the competition, is running the contest via an existing program called NASA Exploring Space Challenges (ESC). The competition is being conducted during the fall 2006 semester. Deadline for classes/schools to register for the competition is Nov. 17, with entries due Dec. 1."

NASA Selects New Education Assistant Administrator

"NASA Deputy Administrator Shana Dale announced Wednesday the selection of Joyce L. Winterton as the agency's new assistant administrator for education, effective Oct. 16. She succeeds John M. Hairston, Jr., who has served in an acting capacity since June."

NASA's Greatest Fan Video Contest

"Kayla LaFrance, age 21, of Spokane, WA, is the creator of "Mars Mates Forever" and shares a lifetime of memories set to the song "Atlantis," performed by NASA's astronaut band, Max-Q. Her love of space connected her to her best friend."

Editor's note: When this contest was "announced" there was no press release. Now that there is a winner, there is no press release. I am told that a number of the entrants learned about the contest via my postings on NASA Watch and SpaceRef. Why is is so hard for NASA to promote its own great ideas?

Great Idea - Poor Execution, Earlier post
Another Great Idea From NASA - That No One Knows About (Podcast contest), Earlier post

U.S. National Space Policy, OSTP

"In order to achieve the goals of this policy, the United States Government shall: Develop Space Professionals. Sustained excellence in space-related science, engineering, acquisition, and operational disciplines is vital to the future of U.S. space capabilities. Departments and agencies that conduct space related activities shall establish standards and implement activities to develop and maintain highly skilled, experienced, and motivated space professionals within their workforce."

Nation's Astronomers Continue Dialog with NASA Administrator Mike Griffin, American Astronomical Society

"We do not have a looming problem or a workforce crisis. 25% of the NASA workforce will be eligible to retire within the next five years, though of course not all will do so. I regard this as an opportunity to bring in the next generation of scientists and engineers, who will take us to the Moon and Mars"

Students advised to seek experience in the private aeronautics sector, Salt Lake Tribune

"It simply is not among the top priorities I have at NASA to fund student experiments," Griffin said during a question-and-answer session."

Editor's note: Mike: If you are not going to step up and help generate the "next generation of scientists and engineers, who will take us to the Moon and Mars", who is?

Weightless Over Cleveland

Weightless Over Cleveland - Part 1: Floating Teachers, SpaceRef

Weightless Over Cleveland - Part 2: Learning to Fly, SpaceRef

"A few weeks ago I had an experience - one that I will remember for a lifetime. Along with several dozen teachers, I flew aboard a jet aircraft as it went through a flight profile designed to produce authentic weightlessness - the kind space travelers experience - albeit in small, bite-sized chunks. Alas, the experience was far too short for my liking. As someone told me just before we took off, this can become addictive. I can see why now. I'd love to do this again - and again."



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