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NASA Strategic Communications Framework Validation Session Presentation

"The Office of Communications Planning (OCP) is charged with developing long-term communication strategies and plans for increasing public awareness and understanding of NASA's mission and goals.

You are here today for the presentation of the NASA Strategic Communications Framework. We are requesting your inputs by Monday, November 27, 2006.Together, we embark on a new Communications Approach for the Agency. Today is the first step."

Editor's note: I have to say that I am impressed with what has emerged from this activity thus far. Of course, it is one thing to observe problems and propose solutions. It is quite another to actually implement the solutions - especially ones that require a change in culture and require years of determined effort. Stay tuned.

Northrop Grumman, Booz Allen Hamilton, SpaceX to Host Networking Event for Current, Future Space Exploration Leaders

"University students, young professionals and first-level managers from NASA and the aerospace industry will be able to meet and share their views on the nation's space exploration program with space leaders from NASA and the aerospace industry at a reception being planned by Northrop Grumman Corporation in partnership with Booz Allen Hamilton and Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (SpaceX)."

Yuri's Night 2007 Executive Team Applications due 29 November 2006

"This year will mark the 7th Yuri's Night as well as the 20th anniversary of ISU! We are now putting together our 2007 executive team to expand the impact of Yuri's Night, to recruit and support events around the world, to organize a global webcast, plan a zero-g flight sweepstakes, and to bring Yuri Gagarin's tradition of planting a tree after each mission to our parties here on Earth- with our new Yuri 'Plant-a-Tree' Mission."

Put Your Name Into Space: America's Most Ambitious Student Satellite is Your Canvas!

"In 2010, a small unmanned research spacecraft designed by students will launch into Earth's orbit. The science on board will help pave the way for humankind to explore our solar system. We invite you to participate in this landmark mission by uploading content to be printed on our spacecraft. Use your "space in space" to fly your name, signature, corporate logo, photograph, or other MIT-approved imagery."



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