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Teens Can Multitask, But What Are Costs?, Washington Post

"Researchers say there isn't any answer yet to whether multitasking helps, hurts or has no effect on teens' development. "Given that kids have grown up always doing this, it may turn out that they are more skilled at it. We just don't know yet," said Russell Poldrack, an associate professor of psychology at the University of California at Los Angeles, who co-authored a study that examined multitasking and brain activity."

Future Workforce Must Be Cultivated Now to Maintain U.S. Aerospace Leadership, AIAA

"I don't think that we need to adapt our educational strategies to the short attention span of today's students," stated Dr. Porter. "Rather, I think that we need to teach them discipline and perseverance. We need to coach them not to expect instant gratification, but to recover from failure and keep going - a quality shared by productive aerospace engineers."

Editor's note: Late last year, NASA ARC's GeneSat-1 was launched from Wallops Flight Facility. This small satellite was unqiue in many ways for a NASA project - it's small size - and it's payload - cutting edge genomics instrumentation. In addition, the operation of the spacecraft had a hefty student component. (See GeneSat News)

These three YouTube videos document many of the activities by these students at Santa Clara University and their participation in the GeneSat-1 mission.

Editor's update: An email received today by students from Sonya Greene at UNCF says: "We appreciate your patience over the past few weeks as we continuously worked with NASA to resolve your payment issues. I am pleased to inform you that your remaining stipend payments and tuition are now being processed. You should receive them by early next week. I will personally email you when they have been mailed out. If you have not yet received your $500 partial payment, which was mailed out on February 8th, 2007, please email myself, or Tamika Wiggins, ASAP to verify your mailing address. This is imperative, as your payments may be further delayed if we do not have your correct information."

Coalition for Space Exploration Partners With Texas Space Grant Consortium to Sponsor NASA-University Public Relations Competition

"The Coalition for Space Exploration today announced a partnership with the Texas Space Grant Consortium to sponsor the 2007 NASA Means Business competition. NASA Means Business (NMB) is a program that provides an opportunity for college students in marketing, advertising and media to demonstrate and develop their skills by producing a communications plan that will inform and inspire the public to support America's space program."

Editor's note: It seems the new leadership at the Coalition for Space Exploration has gotten the message that an increasing number of people have been sending lately i.e. that more of an effort needs to be made to enlist and reach out to younger people with regard to space exploration. The group that will be funded in Texas has already made some amazing stuff - most notably, in my opinion, the short Public Service Announcement titled "Reach". This selection is an excellent first step. Much, much more remains to be done however.

Reach Video link, NASA Means Business competition in 2003

NASA's Exploration Mission: And the Children Shall Reach Out - and Lead, SpaceRef

Reader comment: "Check out today's (Tues Feb 20) USA Today, Page A10 - a full page ad touting National Engineers Week, sponsored by the Federal Highway Administration,the National Science Foundation, the US Army Corps of Engineers and the US Nave Nuclear Propulsion Program. --- Where's NASA?"

Adventurer to open first Antarctic education base, Reuters

"Adventurer Robert Swan sets sail on a polar expedition next week to launch what he says is the world's first online education center in Antarctica that will offer children a real-time glimpse of life on the ice."

The eBase at Bellinshausen, Inspire Antarctic Expedition 5

Editor's note: At the NASA Advisory Council Meeting today several NASA charts were shown to illustrate progress being made by NASA's Office of Communications Planning. These two presentations were the source of these selected charts - and provide an overview of current Strategic Communications thinking at NASA.

Strategic Communications Workshop Summary Report, 11-13 October 2006

Strategic Communications Framework, 24 January 2007

Strategic Communications Framework, February 2007 (revised)



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