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NASA City is Now Online

New Web Feature Shows How NASA Technologies Improve Our Lives

"NASA has added to its Web site an interactive program that allows users to discover some of the many NASA technologies that positively impact everyday life. NASA Deputy Administrator Shana Dale unveiled NASA at Home and NASA City Tuesday in Denver at the 3rd Space Exploration Conference."

NASA's In Your Frozen Chicken, Wired

"As an easy guide to some of these highlights, NASA has released a clever around-the-house and around-the-city Flash site (link takes you to their multimedia page, click on "NASA Home and City") that details a whole host of common materials that do in fact owe their existence to the space program."

Surveying the Next Generation

Reader note: To the Next Generation of Space Leaders: A little over a year ago, we asked the youth of the world to tell us what they think should happen within the next 50 years in regards to space. You overwhelmingly responded, with over 150 responses giving us your ideas. As promised, we presented your ideas to the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space as well as to prominent scientists, astronauts and engineers at Boston University.

Now we'd like to ask you to take it further with part two of this survey, which is located at Tell us more about what should happen in the next 50 years and let your voice be heard yet again! This time we ask you to focus on how we can find solutions to the global challenges facing us. - Bijal Bee Thakore


Next Generation Exploration Conference Convenes at NASA's Ames

"A group of emerging space leaders will gather at NASA's Ames Research Center from Feb. 12 to 15 to discuss innovative approaches to designing the future of space exploration. This year's Next Generation Exploration Conference will focus on entrepreneurial opportunities in lunar development. News media are invited to attend. The conference is designed to give young space technology leaders a forum to interact with NASA's senior management. Participants will collaborate in working groups and present their ideas to the NASA Exploration Systems Mission Directorate Commercial Development Policy group and the Innovative Partnerships Program Office."



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