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Students Call The ISS

ARISS Status April 28, 2008, ISS Fan Club

"Upcoming School Contacts: The National Air and Space Museum (NASM) in Washington, D.C. has been approved for an Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) contact on Saturday, May 3 at 15:52 UTC via the telebridge station NN1SS in Greenbelt. This year Space Day will celebrate the 50th anniversary of NASA and NASA's achievements through space exploration. Youth, ages 12 -18, will participate."

Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) Seeks Interns

"The organisation Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) is seeking interns to work on a variety of interesting topics. You will be based close to Madrid, Spain. If you are interested to help out from your home via the Internet, that is possible and appreciated too!"

NASA Intern Hoping To Go On Space Walk Before He Leaves In June, Onion'

"Hodson, whose resum did not list any formal flight training or an academic background in engineering, mathematics, biological science, or physics, said he was positive that before the next launch, NASA officials would notice he had refilled all the staplers. And although Hodson falls below the specific standards of the NASA space physical for vision and blood pressure, as well as not meeting fitness, stamina, and strength prerequisites, the 20-year-old did meet the height requirement."

Next Gen Presentation NASA Strategic Management Council 15 April 2008

"We're asking to create an environment where all NASA employees can leverage their strengths to push the limits of science and space exploration by:

- Providing the current NASA workforce with infusion of fresh ideas, methodologies and technologies.
- Providing the Next Gen NASA workforce the programs and experience today that it needs to be the leaders in the future.
- Enabling enhanced communication and collaboration between NASA centers.
- Getting more young people in the door."

NASA Wants its MMO Created for Free, Slashdot

"It seems that the educational MMORPG NASA's proposing will no longer have a budget of $3 million. Instead, any prospective development partner is being asked to create and maintain the MMORPG for free under a 'non-reimbursable Space Act Agreement'. It won't be a one-sided agreement, though. From NASA's RFP: 'In exchange for a collaborator's investment to create and manage a NASA-based MMO game for fun and to enhance STEM [science, technology, engineering and mathematics], NASA will consider negotiating brand placement, limited exclusivity and other opportunities."

NASA Asking For Free MMO? Hardly. Game Cyte

"When several prominent sources reported that NASA had lost funding for its upcoming educational MMO yet continued to seek game developers willing to work for free, we became curious. Why would NASA shoot themselves in the foot, yet continue to hobble along as if it never happened? But we soon found out the entire story lacked merit."

Maine Students Seek Business Sponsorship For NASA Zero-Gravity Flight

"Preparing to conduct science experiments while floating weightless in an airplane has been no easy task for the University of Maine and University of Southern Maine team chosen to participate this summer in NASA's Reduced Gravity Student Flight Opportunities Program. Now, the biggest challenge left to the 10-member team known as Dirigo, the first ever from Maine, is to raise the money necessary by late June to get them and their experiment off the ground."

Yuri's Night Parties This Saturday, Wired
Yuri's Night to mark first manned spaceflight, Houston Chronicle
NASA hosts rave-like bash for first man in space, Yuri Gagarin, Contra Costa Times
Media Invited to Join in 'Yuri's Night Goddard' Celebration at NASA Goddard
NASA Ames Co-Hosts Yuri's Night Bay Area 2008 Celebration
Yuri's Night - the World Party for Space - to Shatter Previous Records

"When Yuri's Night, an organization dedicated to forwarding the cause of space exploration by holding events around the world each April 12, held over 120 parties on a single day in 2007, it was viewed as an incredible accomplishment unlikely to be topped. Earlier this week, though, Yuri's Night 2008 not only met that mark but completely left it in the dust, registering 173 events in 49 countries, with 3 days still left before the big event."

Yuri's Night Video Greeting from ISS below

Blending Art and Science: Challenger Center Invites Students to Create Art for Space Flight

"Science Education invites students to use their creativity to design an original piece of art for a student mission patch for private space explorer, Richard Garriott. As the next civilian to fly to space, Richard plans to engage students around the world before, during and after his flight to the International Space Station planned for October 2008."

Students to Create YouTube Videos for Live Webcast by Private Space Explorer Richard Garriott

"We strongly encourage students to participate as we take a new and creative approach with this webcast, by asking students to submit videos to be posted on the Challenger Center YouTube site."



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