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NASA To Launch Disney's Buzz Lightyear On Space Shuttle,

"NASA will launch the Disney character Buzz Lightyear aboard space shuttle Discovery on May 31 in a mission to excite students about science, math and space travel. During the STS-124 mission, the 12-inch-tall action figure will partner with astronauts to deliver daily blog journals from space and launch a series of educational games and online sessions related to the mission. ... While in space, the character will fly in zero gravity as part of an experiment tied to the NASA's "Toys in Space" educational program. "Toys in Space" is scheduled to run through 2008 and feature unique materials for teachers to use in their classrooms."

Keith's note: Lets see if there is any actual substance to this or just "hey - look at the toy in space".

Conmen make good use of explosive growth of media, Khaleej Times

Kolhapur boy in the dock for faking NASA letter,

"A 17-year-old student from Kolhapur, desirous of studying at NASA, is hogging limelight but for wrong reasons. Sridhar Kamble, who has just appeared for 12th standard exam, has found himself in the dock for faking a letter from the NASA establishment as well as forging the 10th standard result mark-sheet to inflate the total percentage."

Editor's note: To be certain, forging academic credentials is wrong and is certainly not to be encouraged. However, that said, what is it about NASA's image - and the prestige associated with it abroad - that draws so many to it? With all this talk about brand identity at NASA, you'd think that someone would be looking at this. What do these young people see in "NASA" that we in the U.S. have forgotten - or are all too jaded to see?

Consider these other stories (below) as well. While NASA, as an agency of the American govenrment, exists to serve the needs of its taxpayers, its global reach - and prestige - cannot be ignored. Someone should be capitalizing on it.

Nasa sponsors course on how to talk to alien, Telegraph

"The course, currently being taken by 11 students, is partly financed by Nasa's Wyoming Space Grant Consortium, which sponsors educational and research projects in the state that support the agency's missions. Among questions tackled in Prof Lockwood's class is how aliens might communicate, whether they would be able to translate human language, and whether they would be able to see or hear. One student, Dixie Thoman, created a poem about menstruation with syllables arranged in a mathematically harmonious order, known as the Fibonacci sequence."

NASA Gen Y Presentation Inspires Canadian Space Exploration Presentation

Reader Note: "The Gen Y presentation that you posted on your website has influenced three young Canadian engineers in a presentation to the government Industry, Science, and Technology Committee."

Join the NASA Future Forum in San Jose in Second Life!

"You're invited to join NASA leadership, astronauts, scientists, and engineers along with local business, technology and academic leaders and local, state and federal officials discuss the role of space exploration in advancing science, engineering, technology, education and the economy that benefits your community and the nation. The program features an exciting preview of NASA's Constellation Program - America's return to the Moon and beyond."

14 May 2008 8:30 am PDT

Challenger Center Launches New Audio Blog Forum

"In April Richard Garriott, the next civilian to visit the International Space Station in October, 2008, joined Founding Chairman of Challenger Center for Space Science Education, Dr. June Scobee Rogers, for the first in a series of monthly audio blog podcasts. Dr. Rodgers and Richard discussed various topics from his childhood to the motivation that brought him to where he is today."

Students to Create YouTube Videos for Live Webcast by Private Space Explorer Richard Garriott

Blending Art and Science: Challenger Center Invites Students to Create Art for Space Flight

Spore: The Game

Astrobiology Meets the Video Game:Spore

"The soon-to-be-released Astrobiology-based game Spore by Electronic Arts (EA) is described as "an epic journey that takes you from the origin and evolution of life through the development of civilization and technology, and eventually all the way into the deepest reaches of outer space." Spore explorers can wage epic battles for survival in the primordial soup, meet, greet, and co-evolve with other creatures, be part of a tribe and build a civilization, build a space ship, and explore the final frontier."

NASA Artifact Loan Opportunities

"NASA is pleased to offer a new program of Artifact Loan Opportunities created to help museums and other organizations traditionally not associated with NASA gain access to NASA artifacts. These artifacts represent the often revolutionary accomplishments that have resulted from NASA's decades of exploring the unknown."

Northrop Grumman Foundation Accepting Teacher Applications For 2008 Weightless Flights of Discovery

"The Northrop Grumman Foundation is accepting teacher applications for the 2008 Weightless Flights of Discovery program, an initiative that places teachers on micro- and zero-gravity flights to test Newton's Laws of Motion and energize students in the formative middle-school years."



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