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NASA and Challenger Center Combining Efforts for Students

"NASA and the Challenger Center for Space Science Education, Alexandria, Va., announced Thursday a cooperative Space Act Agreement to work together to encourage students to focus more on science, technology, engineering and mathematic studies and programs. Through hands-on interactive educational activities, NASA and the Challenger Center will engage students, their teachers, their families, and the general public to help increase overall science and technology literacy."

Video: Astrobiology Rap

"Tune in for the all new 'Astrobiology Rap', written by Jonathan Chase for the latest Astrobiology Magazine European Edition (AMEE) -- the Nordic Invasion. Jon is an early career researcher in science communication. Multi-talented, Jon has undergraduate degrees in both Aerospace Engineering, and Science and Science Fiction. As a post-graduate practitioner in communicating science, Jon is actively involved in a number of science communication activities."

Video below

Reader note: "I'm currently at ISU SSP in Barcelona working as a TA with the team project focused on the Google Lunar X-prize. In this project, the intent is not to design yet another competitive team, but to take all of the work from the various teams and build a cohesive program with wider ranging impacts and influence across the globe. One the the activities that the student team is pursuing is an online survey to try to get a market feel for the more/most important stakeholders which the teams and the foundation can then use to focus the efforts.

The students would really like to have a large audience in the response (we are shooting for about 3,000 responses total for this survey). The intro to the survey is as follows. The turn around needed for this is in the next 4-5 days, so anything that you can do would be most appreciated."

Confusing Media Strategy

NASA JSC Solicitation: Media Rating Services

"NASA/JSC has a requirement for media tracking services. NASA will produce multiple Public Service Announcements (PSA) to promote science and math education to America's youth and inform the general public about the space program. NASA/JSC is seeking a firm that is capable of tracking the PSAs and providing detail information about the PSAs."

Editor's note: "NASA/JSC has a requirement"? Why is a NASA field center issuing a solicitation like this? Don't get me wrong, PSAs to promote science and education are certainly a wonderful thing and NASA should be heartily encouraged to do many, many more of them. But why is this not being done for all of the agency's educational and outreach activities so as to understand their market penetration, response rate, etc. on a national scale? Should this not be done by NASA's Office of Strategic Communications and other entities at NASA HQ? Otherwise, all of the field centers could just go off and do this - each with different metrics, messages, local priorities etc. All you get from a balkanized approach like this is a bunch of partial pictures instead of a cohesive, broad understanding of how the public is receiving NASA's messages - and how they need to be improved. Just curious.



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