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First Look At NASA MMO, MTV
NASA Astronaut MMO to blast into virtual space, Electricpig
NASA gains support for working MMO title, Product Review News
Feature: First look at NASA's Unreal Engine 3 based MMO, bigdownload
NASA MMO To Run On Unreal 3; Information in Place and Big Stage Also On Board, Virtual Worlds News

"The world will feature RPG-style elements and missions that prompt users to explore the environment and learn about their tools, all based on real NASA technology and prototypes, and working to solve real problems, like how to colonize and terraform other planets or deal with our own global warming. One way to solve those problems will be to create new tools and machines out of existing components, a sort of Lego approach, but Unreal will also let users dive in deeper to create new modules and elements as well."

Editor's 20 Feb note: Wow. All this favorable news about NASA's foray into MMO gaming. Seems like NASA really picked a winning idea to pursue. And NASA's response to the publicity these past few days .... ? None that I can find.

Editor's 23 Feb update: But wait, there's more:

Nasa Creates Computer Space Game, Skynews
NASA Signs Up Developers For MMO, Inc Gamers
NASA Announces Partners in MMO Game Development, Daily Tech
NASA MMO moves ahead, Galbadia X
NASA working on new space-based MMO,
NASA MMO Announced, BlendGames
Astronaut - Moon, Mars & Beyond: Die NASA lsst ein MMO entwickeln, PC Spiele
NASA utvecklar onlinespel, Gamereactor Sverige
MMO-t csinl a NASA, IPON!
NASAMMOAstronautMoon, Mars and Beyond, Second Times
Ju niedugo polecimy w kosmos w grze MMO tworzonej na zlecenie NASA,

And so on

NASA's Strategic Planning crowd is always trumpeting the "NASA Brand" as something that needs to be capitalized on - and used to reach new sectors of the population. So ... someone at NASA comes up with a bright idea, implements it, and guess what: it catches on - globally - and is now going "viral" to some extent.

But does NASA bother to pay attention to its own success and capitalize upon it? Again, it would seem that they do not know how to - or they do not care to. They cannot even bring themselves to issue a press release about this news - and the outstandingly positive reaction that has, none the less, been generated.

Utilizing NASA's brand awareness to further expand NASA's mission is great. But not taking advantage of initial success, once achieved, so as to expand the concept, is just plain dumb and is wasting a valuable and rare opportunity.

Google and Nasa back Singularity University, Computer Weekly
Scientists and Google create Singularity University to solve big problems, LA Times
Leading futurists, thinkers to launch Silicon Valley university, CNet
New university will tackle world's 'grand challenges', SJ Mercury News
Unique university coming to Bay Area this year, SF Chronicle
Technology school wants to save the world, Fudzilla,Bosnia and Herzegovina
Google and Nasa back new school for futurists, Financial Times
The Singularity is near and it has a university, Venture Beat
Google i NASA przygotowuj si si do ery, kiedy maszyny bd mdrzejsze od ludzi,
Neue Universitt zur Rettung der Menschheit,
Google en Nasa richten universiteit voor artificile intelligentie op,
Il futuro secondo Google e NASA: ci salveranno macchine pi intelligenti di noi, RaiNews24
Google e Nasa patrocinam universidade para futuristas
GoogleNASASingularity University, TechCrunch
' ' ,

A Singular(ity) School, Forbes

"What happens when you pair a futurist who believes that machine intelligence will overtake human intelligence with one of the world's leading champions of space flight?"

Singularity U.: No Frats, Just Breakthroughs, Business Week

"In June, Singularity University is scheduled to open with a faculty replete with scientific celebrities, and an initial class of 30 students at NASA's Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley. The subjects taught over a nine-week period are a menu of the disciplines whose exponential advancement Kurzweil suggests will overturn the world as we know it--nanotechnology, robotics, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, energy, and more."

New school to study ways to harness tech's power, AP

"The school will be based on NASA's Silicon Valley campus and revolve around the concept that the exponential advances occurring in various fields should be melded to solve daunting problems like poverty, famine, disease, global warming and dwindling energy supplies."

Editor's 3 Feb 6:00 am EST note: Wow, look at all of the great PR that has suddenly emerged regarding the Singularity University at ARC - including banner placement on the Drudge Report. Great news, right? You'd think that NASA PAO would be all over this, with press releases, background papers, links on their website ... Well, you would think that they'd do that. Instead, I can find nothing about the Singularity University at the ARC website. And when I search the ARC website for the word "Singularity" what do I find? Certainly nothing about the Singularity University or ARC's participation. Same result for a search of all of NASA. Its not as if this is some big secret. Every news outlet on Earth seems to know about it. I just don't get it. NASA is involved with something so amazingly cool like this - and yet they just say nothing about it while everyone else is talking about it.

Maybe all of these new cool, hip, smart people walking around the ARC campus can teach PAO how to tell people about all the fascinating, cool, relevant, and exciting things NASA folks do.

NASA Ames Becomes Home To Newly Launched Singularity University

Editor's 3 Feb 1:03 pm EST update: I first learned of this ARC press release ("NASA Ames Becomes Home To Newly Launched Singularity University") via this ARC Twitter posting today at 1:03 pm EST - even though the rest of the world was reading about this online and in print up 12 hours - or more - ago. This press release from Singularity University hit Marketwire around 9:00 am EST.



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