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Mission Madness

NASA Hosts 'Mission Madness' Tournament to Vote on Greatest Mission

"This interactive Internet online feature enables you to share your opinion about the agency's greatest missions. Space fans will be able to view a lineup of 64 missions, learn about their goals, and predict which missions fellow exploration fans will vote for during this bracket-style, single elimination tournament."

NASA Has a March Madness Bracket... Say What?!, Discovery Channel

March Madness for Space Geeks, Universe Today

NASA holds best mission tournament, Huntsville Times

NCAA mounts full-court press on trademark violations, LA Times

"One of the latest targets is NASA, the federal space agency. The NCAA recently asked NASA to stop advertising Mission Madness, which lets fans vote on its greatest-ever mission. The promotion featured a bracket system like that used in the college tournament as well as basketball icons. "There was no reason to use basketballs," Masters said. An agency spokeswoman said she knew nothing about any complaints from the NCAA. Mission Madness remains online."

Go to Mission Madness

The Adventure Continues

Educator Astronauts Continue the Legacy of Christa McAuliffe, Challenger Center for Space Science Education

"I touch the future; I teach" are the inspiring words often quoted by our nation's first Teacher-in-Space, Christa McAuliffe. Challenger Center for Space Science Education is thrilled to see Christa's dreams fulfilled by former science and math teachers Joe Acaba and Ricky Arnold who are now officially "Educator Astronauts" in orbit around the Earth and successfully docked to the International Space Station. ... Daniel Barstow, President of Challenger Center for Space Science Education, says "The Space program helps to invigorate science education by combining hands on learning with the thrill of exploration and discovery. Teachers have the innate ability to breakdown these complex subjects and present them in an understandable and inspiring way. Educator Astronauts Acaba and Arnold's mission follows in the footsteps of Barbara Morgan's successes on STS118 and serves as a reminder of the awesome role that educators play in our lives."

Teens capture images of space with #56 camera and balloon, The Telegraph

"Taking atmospheric readings and photographs 20 miles above the ground, the Meteotek team of IES La Bisbal school in Catalonia completed their incredible experiment at the end of February this year. Building the electronic sensor components from scratch, Gerard Marull Paretas, Sergi Saballs Vila, Marta Gasull Morcillo and Jaume Puigmiquel Casamort managed to send their heavy duty #43 latex balloon to the edge of space and take readings of its ascent. Created by the four students under the guidance of teacher Jordi Fanals Oriol, the budding scientists, all aged 18-19, followed the progress of their balloon using high tech sensors communicating with Google Earth."

Students Compete in Lego Robotics Match

"Student teams from 12 local elementary, middle and high schools will pit their software-enabled, battery-powered Lego robots against the clock in the 3rd Annual Southern California NASA Explorer School Robotics Competition at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, in Pasadena, Calif., on Tues., March 17."

Live Streaming TV below:

Pastorek Update

The gospel according to Paul, Business Report

"The man at the helm of Louisiana's ailing public schools is both admired--and reviled--for moments like these. He speaks his mind, and quite frequently, the message isn't popular. He calls the state's best districts "average." He pushes for taking over schools--not just in New Orleans, but now Baton Rouge and Shreveport, too. He wants board members unpaid, educated and term-limited. He insists the notion that some low-income black kids just can't learn is "crap." Pastorek is both passionate, proven reformer, and impatient, pricey lawyer-turned-education-boss rolled into one dapper persona. But does he have what it takes to make good on his promise to deliver world-class education to Louisiana?"

Interesting Internship

Space Adventures Ltd./ZERO-G Paid Marketing Internship

"Space Adventures, Ltd.., the world's premier private space exploration company and the only company currently providing opportunities for actual private spaceflight and space tourism, is looking for talented, enthusiastic students to intern in our Vienna, Virginia, offices. Our internship program offers part and full time, paid internships and is designed to compliment and enhance academic studies through participation in different assignments and professional responsibilities. We currently have an opening at ZERO-G (a wholly owned subsidiary of Space Adventures, Ltd.) for a Marketing Intern. This challenging position offers the opportunity to work directly for the Executive Vice President of Sales."



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