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Buzz Needs Your Votes

ABC Opens Week on a Winning Note, Media Week

"Hero Buzz Aldrin got the lowest score overall, but could be saved due to the sentimental vote."

Keith's note: Go here to vote for Buzz.

Help 25 of the top high school innovators design the future! On March 29th, the Spirit of Innovation Awards challenges YOU to vote for your favorite teams and help select this year's "Pete Conrad Scholars!" Over the past 6 months, 25 finalist teams have created real products to solve some of the grand challenges facing society. From the depths of the oceans to the edges of space, these students will knock your socks off! Piezo-electric wallpaper, robotic astronaut assistants, advanced water purification systems, and Navajo Solar "Frybread" ovens; these are just a few of the amazing products high school students are designing. To see all of the teams check out, and remember, online voting is open March 29th through April 9th. Winners will be announced April 10th during the 2010 Innovation Summit at NASA Ames Research Center.

Old Rocket - New Uses

Moving The Titan 1 to its New Home,

"Asn aging Titan 1 ICBM was moved from its current location at NASA ARC to its new home next to Building 596 on 18 March 2010. This Titan 1 was brought to ARC in 1969 and was used in a variety of tests to study buffeting of launch vehicles during atmospheric ascent. The rocket has been sitting outside since the early 1980s as an exhibit next to the (former) Ames visitor's center."

More information here

Follow progress on Twitter here

Keith's note: I have a series of questions to ask NASA Watch readers with regard to Titan 1 ICBMs. I know that thought was given to using Titan 1's to launch a Dynasoar X-20 spacecraft on a suborbital flight, but what could this rocket have placed into Low Earth Orbit had it been used as a launch vehicle?

Stay tuned for more Titan 1 news this week. What's old can be new ...

- Video and Photos: Titan 1 at NASA Ames
- Coming Soon: Rocket Hacking, Previous post

Keith's note: There was a press conference today on Capitol Hill at which a number of members of Congress spoke out in opposition to President Obama's recently announced space policy. For the most part nothing new was said. However, Rep. Gene Green (D-TX-29) made some odd comments.

At [0:53] in this video he says "We have had some discussion on the House floor about English-only in our own country. I do agree that we should have English-only on the moon." Then at 2:57 he says "Every year, we take an astronaut with us and go to middle schools. I have a majority Hispanic district in Houston Texas and east Harris County. And to see those students, middle-school kids, sixth, seventh and eighth-graders, they won't pay attention to me or even Hispanic business folks that go in and talk about what they need to do to be successful. But when you take an astronaut there, whether Hispanic or Anglo and they go in their jumpsuit and they talk about space, they talk about their experiences or their science effort. Those sixth, seventh and eighth-graders, particularly in minority schools, pay attention. I don't want to lose that hope."

First of all, his comment about "English only" on the Moon is just plain silly. Who is he to say who can go to the Moon and what they say when they get there? Secondly, Green is apparently not well versed in how space is explored these days. NASA has prided itself on its international cooperation. The ISS is multi-national and multi-lingual and the very program he seeks to retain, the VSE, openly sought international participation. Lastly, given his overt reference to his large hispanic constituency and education, what sort of message is Green sending to those kids when he says that they won't be allowed to speak the language of their parents and their ancestors on the Moon? I guess Rep. Green never read the Twitter posting by Jose Hernandez from space en Espaol.

US lawmakers urge Obama to save NASA moon program, AFP

"I am concerned that the Russians and the Chinese will get ahead of us... that English won't be the dominant language in space," Republican Representative Michael McCaul from Texas told a House hearing."

Video clips of comments by: Rep. Olson, Rep. Wolf, Rep. Bishop , Rep. McCaul , Rep. Culberson, Rep. Posey, and Rep. Green

Keith's note: Any ideas as to what is (soon to be) going on in this image? Have a look here. What is captured in this image? Where is it?

What other projects are already underway here?

Stay tuned on Twitter at nasahackspace and at

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