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President Obama to Host First-Ever White House Maker Faire

"A new announcement of opportunity for CubeSat developers later this year, with the goal of broadening its reach to all 50 states by targeting the 21 "rookie states" that have had no previous CubeSat presence in space, and will leverage the existing NASA Space Grant network of colleges and universities. CubeSats provide the opportunity for Makers to build small satellites to demonstrate new innovative technologies and conduct scientific research in a space environment. To date, NASA has selected CubeSats from 29 states, 17 of which have already been launched, and two more are slated to go to space later this year."

Keith's note: NASA does not seem to be doing anything for White House Maker Faire today. If they are they are not telling anyone.

Keith's update: This was just tweeted. Still nothing but crickets from CASIS and the ISS National Laboratory folks.



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