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NASA MissionSTEM Summit 2016 - Opening Session and Keynote Address, NASA

"For two days, experts in civil rights compliance and education will discuss best practices for ensuring equal opportunity in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), and exchange ideas for tackling the challenges faced by grantee institutions and compliance officials. The summit is designed to take NASA's civil rights technical assistance efforts relating to STEM to a new level."

"Special guest speakers at this opening session include NASA Deputy Administrator Dava Newman, Tina Tchen, assistant to President Obama and chief of staff to the First Lady, and Jo Handelsman, associate director for Science in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy."

- Update: Stealth NASA STEM Event is Actually A Stealth Sexual Harassment Event
- Dava Newman's Mission STEM Conference Still In Stealth Mode
- Dava Newman Announces Stealth STEM Conference

Keith's note: One week ago at the NASA Advisory Council meeting Dava Newman was gushing about a "Mission STEM" conference they NASA is holding in Washington, DC on 8-9 August with "hundreds of attendees" and partnerships with other agencies. A week after my first post, there is still no mention of this event at NASA's calendar, NASA's Education webpage or even at the official webpage. If you look at the weekly NASA Education Express Message -- Aug. 4, 2016 from NASA's Education Office you will see no mention of this event either. How are people outside of NASA's little bubble supposed to know about these things?

Dava Newman Announces Stealth STEM Conference, earlier post

Doug O'Handley

Doug O'Handley, Indomitable‚Äč Influence for Hundreds of Space Professionals, Passes

"Douglas Alexander O'Handley, Ph.D., died peacefully at home in Morgan Hill, California July 28, 2016, at the age of 79. ... In the mid-1990s, Doug created and taught a multi-disciplinary undergraduate course in astrobiology at Santa Clara University. He - and the course - were wildly popular. From this course and the program initiated by Jerry Soffen at NASA Goddard, the seeds were planted for the NASA Ames Astrobiology Academy - a summer leadership development program committed to excellence that has operated for nearly 20 years (later the Space Exploration Academy). The Academy catalyzed and inspired the lives of more than 240 students, many of whom are now well-established in scientific disciplines and careers around the country, ranging from NASA flight surgeons and principal investigators on multiple missions, to leaders inspiring others with their careers in academia, government and industry. Doug and Christy drew enormous pleasure from hosting the students that each year brought to their home on evenings, weekends and holidays - whether skiing with astronauts at Squaw Valley, boating on Lake Tahoe or backyard BBQs. The Academy students quickly became a part of Doug's family, always welcome at any time. Doug was present for many life events of his former students, including officiating three weddings and introducing more than a dozen couples who are now married."


"We invite you to join us at St. Catherine of Alexandria Catholic Church in Morgan Hill, California, on Saturday, August 20, at 2 p.m. for a mass in honor of Doug and a reception to follow to enjoy the many wonderful memories and accomplishments."

Keith's note: Doug was doing things 20 years ago that no one else at NASA was doing - before there was social media, STEM, NASA socials, etc. While lots of "education" people talk about education and put out powerpoint slides, Doug rolled up his sleeves and just made things happen. More than once Doug would invite me to give his students a lecture on "How To Break the Rules at NASA". He wanted them to know how the place really worked. His efforts led directly to the inspiration of a large number of very fine young people - many of whom work in the NASA family. Doug and his wife took each class of students into his home as if they were family. There are hundreds of students whose careers went into overdrive as a direct result of Doug O'Handley and the NASA Academy. Each one of them has a story to tell - each story points to the enduring power of NASA as a motivator - with Doug holding a hand while also holding a big magnifying glass and bull horn to accentuate the effect. One only has to look at Doug's Facebook page to see the responses from students who have learned of his passing. Doug leaves behind a living, breathing legacy that will endure and expand for decades - one that will expand off this planet.
Ad Astra Doug.



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