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31 August 2004: Republican Party Platform 2000, 2004

"In addition, the Republican Party will remain committed to America's leadership in space research and exploration. We will ensure that this Nation can expand our knowledge of the universe, and with the support of the American people, continue the exploration of Mars and the rest of the solar system. We consider space travel and space science a national priority with virtually unlimited benefits, in areas ranging from medicine to micro-machinery, for those on earth. Development of space will give us a growing economic resource and a source of new scientific discoveries."

Editor's note: So far no such clear, emphatic statement from John Kerry - just an attempt by his staff to bury photos of him inside a space shuttle orbiter. This is from the 2000 RNC platform - not the 2004 platform, so we'll have to see what the RNC comes up with this time. None the less, it would still be nice to hear from John Kerry on this topic. One paragraph would be just fine.

Reader comment: The only mention of NASA or the space program in the GOP 2004 platform is on page 63: "The President's support for NASA and vision for space exploration will also enhance scientific development and technological breakthroughs."

29 August 2004: Combustible DeLay may be low key at RNC, AP

"An ardent supporter of the aerospace industry, DeLay will speak at a "Space Jam" reception at Studio 450 honoring him Tuesday night, a month after he vowed to restore $1.1 billion that House Republicans tentatively cut from NASA's budget. Sponsors of the invitation-only reception include Boeing , Northrop Grumman, Orbital, software company AGI and the Space Foundation. Brian Chase, the foundation's vice president, said the $50,000 reception is to thank DeLay, not an effort to affect the outcome of the spending fight."

Editor's note: There will be another space-related reception at the RNC. This one will be held on Thursday evening and will honor Rep. Ralph Hall (R-TX). Sponsors include Boeing, USA, and Lockheed Martin.

26 August 2004: NASA JSC Standards of Ethical Conduct Determination: Reception at University of Houston Clear Lake honoring Rep. Tom DeLay, NASA JSC

"On August 24, 2004, the University of Houston System is hosting a reception honoring The Honorable Tom DeLay, Majority Leader, U.S. House of Representatives, at the Atrium II, Bayou Building, University of Houston-Clear Lake, 2700 Bay Area Boulevard, from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Complimentary hors d'oeuvres will be served. There will also be a cash bar."

Editor's note: Word has it that this reception is under scrutiny for possible use of state funds. Moreover, it was sent out a day after copies of the Hatch Act were distributed to NASA employees. Stay tuned.

1 August 2004: Kerry Visit Could Put NASA in the Hot Seat, Washington Post

The visitors center is managed by a vendor, Delaware North Cos., and often rents out rooms to conventions and corporate groups. When Democrats called to see if they could book Kerry, the appearance was deemed "a permissible event" by the center's staff members and their counterparts at NASA, said Dan LeBlanc, chief operating officer for the visitor complex. LeBlanc said Kerry was accompanied by Florida's two senators, Bill Nelson and Bob Graham, as well as former senator John Glenn, the legendary astronaut. All are Democrats. "It was not a campaign event but a town hall meeting," LeBlanc said. "It was not in a federal workplace but in a public facility on federal property."

Editor's note: Oh c'mon, Dan. This was a campaign event, plain and simple - by a presidential candidate on his way to a national convention. Besides, why would a senator from Massachusetts come to Florida for a 'town hall meeting'? Indeed the attendees were hand-picked by the Kerry campaign. If this was truly a 'town hall meeting' then any resident from Brevard County would have been allowed to attend.



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