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Bush and Kerry on Science

15 September 2004: Bush, Kerry Go Head to Head on Science, Discovery News

The respected science journal Nature posed 15 questions to President George W. Bush and Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry on key science issues.

7) NATURE: Do you think the United States should send astronauts to the moon or Mars in the next 10 to 15 years? If so, why send humans instead of robots? If not, what is the purpose of the space shuttle and space station?

Kerry Space Policy Update

In an exchange this afternoon between Fox's ever cherubic Neal Cavuto and perennial Democratic commentator, former Dukakis Campaign Manager Susan Estrich, Cavuto noted that Kerry's image was not affected too much "by that Willie Wonka get up". Estrich agreed with Cavutos assessment.

Meanwhile, KerrySpace, a new space website focused on developing a space policy for the Kerry campaign, was announced in a posting by a group of Kerry space supporters.

According to the developer of the website, KerrySpace.com is also soliciting contributions. "This fund will be used to make purchases that will further our cause, such as postage and stationary to do a letter writing campaign, purchase an ad in Space News or Ad Astra to tell the space community about our group, and other ideas that are described on the website." In addition "donations can be made anonymously by request."

Alas, it would seem that this group is somewhat uninformed when it comes to FEC regulations about activities on behalf of a candidate - and what you have to do if you are going to raise and spend money on their behalf and how you need to document all contributors and expenditures. I tried to post something to this effect on their website, but the moderator rejected my post - twice.

John Glenn in space - again?

In introducing Sen. John Glenn to the National American Legion Convention today, John Kerry joked "If I am elected President I told John that he can go into space one more time". Kerry then said that Glenn had told him that it would "cost the government less money since he'd get a senior citizen discount."

Gee, why Glenn didn't mention that discount the last time he flew?



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