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Rudy Courts ET Voters

Giuliani: Preparedness key, even if aliens attack, AP

"Presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani on Sunday said preparedness will be key for all crises, even an attack from outer space. During a town hall meeting in Exeter, a young questioner asked the former New York mayor about his plan to protect Earth. "If (there's) something living on another planet and it's bad and it comes over here, what would you do?" the boy asked."

Hillary Clinton's Agenda to Reclaim Scientific Innovation

"Hillary will enhance American leadership in space, including:

- Pursuing an ambitious 21st century Space Exploration Program, by implementing a balanced strategy of robust human spaceflight, expanded robotic spaceflight, and enhanced space science activities.

- Developing a comprehensive space-based Earth Sciences agenda, including full funding for NASA's Earth Sciences program and a space-based Climate Change Initiative that will help us secure the scientific knowledge we need to combat global warming.

-Promoting American leadership in aeronautics by reversing funding cuts to NASA's and FAA's aeronautics R&D budget."

Scientific Integrity and Innovation: Remarks at The Carnegie Institution for Science by Sen. Hillary Clinton

"Fifty years ago, Sputnik marked the dawn of the Space Age and the beginning of a new era filled with new challenges. Fifty years later, there is no single, galvanizing event to steel our resolve and to lift our eyes to the heavens. The challenges we face are more complex and interconnected. From the rise of globalization to the threat of global warming. These challenges require big ideas and bold thinking."

Editor's note: What is surprising to me is the extensive portion of the overall speech devoted to space exploration and space policy. I am not sure that any presidential candidate has said this much in public about space in a long time.

Watch the speech on YouTube

Science Policy Speech by Hillary Clinton

"Tomorrow morning, Hillary will be giving a speech on her science policy, and we'd like you to attend. After six years of George Bush putting ideology ahead of science, America is ready for a change, and Hillary will lay out her plans to support scientific research and restore the role of science in decision-making. Space is limited and RSVPs are required. RSVP now:"

Editor's note: Word has it that Sen. Clinton will make some very specific and detailed recommendations for the space policy she'd implement as President.



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