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No place for partisans on NASA, space exploration, editorial, Houston Chronicle

"Because of the 2008 presidential election, our nation's human spaceflight program is at a perilous crossroad. While Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John McCain all have made allusions to supporting the program, none has made it a priority. In fact, in late 2007 Obama went on record as saying he planned to pay for his $18 billion education plan by taking it out of the hide of NASA. In defending his desire to delay the Orion and Ares programs (the next generation crew spacecraft and rockets), he stressed, "We're not going to have the engineers and scientists to continue space exploration if we don't have kids who are able to read, write and compute."

Obama a little confused about today's state, The Swamp (Baltimore Sun)

"During the question-and-answer portion of an event at a recreational center here, Obama was asked about the nation's space program. "I grew up on Star Trek," Obama said. "I believe in the final frontier." But Obama said he does not agree with the way the space program is now being run and thinks funding should be trimmed until the mission is clearer. "NASA has lost focus and is no longer associated with inspiration," he said. "I don't think our kids are watching the space shuttle launches. It used to be a remarkable thing. It doesn't even pass for news anymore."

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NASA FOIA Images: Mitt Romney Tours SSPF-Pad 39A at KSC on 21 January 2008

NASA caption: "Images taken of the Mitt Romney tour at KSC are not, in any way, intended to reflect the endorsement of any candidate by NASA. These images were taken during a tour that is typically provided to other VIP's. NASA has not authorized the use of these images for campaign purposes and has obtained a commitment from the Romney campaign NOT to use these images for campaign purposes. These images are being released in response to FOIA requests."

Editor's note: Click to enlarge image. Isn't it a little odd that most people who are seen in this location are required to wear bunny suits and caps - and yet politicians and their spouses are not? [see comments below as KSC folks correct my assumptions regarding bunny suits - but not about the special access granted to Romney]. Let's see how NASA answers my FOIA request as to what constitutes a "VIP" and what the process is for evaluating and approving (or denying) requests for these personal tours and photo ops - conducted at taxpayer expense.

Kerry Blows Opportunity at KSC, 2004 post

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NASA's popularity rises as vote nears, Houston Chronicle

"In the countdown to Tuesday's Texas primary, the candidates still in the race are positioning themselves as astronauts' best friends -- but what they would actually do for manned space travel once elected remains up in the air. Under President Bush's current plan, the space shuttle will be retired in 2010. And with every candidate coming to Texas and professing devotion to NASA, space-watchers are trying to determine what the candidates actually will do when faced with a reeling economy and a record federal debt."

Candidates' Views Differ on Space Exploration, NPR

"Advocates of NASA's plan to return to the moon are concerned that Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has said he will raid NASA's budget to fund education. While the issue of space exploration hasn't gotten much attention this campaign season, it is a topic on which the candidates do differ."

Hillary Clintons Statement in Support of U.S. Aerospace and Aviation

"Hillary will double NASA's and FAA's aeronautics R&D budgets as part of her plan to reverse the Bush administration's war on science. She will pursue a balanced strategy of robust human spaceflight, expanded robotic spaceflight, and enhanced space and Earth science activities. She will speed development, testing, and deployment of next-generation launch and crew exploration vehicles to replace the aging Space Shuttle program."

Space Policy Under an Obama Administration, SpaceDemocrats

"Many space constituents are publicly critical of the Obama campaign for campaign rhetoric that is less overtly supportive of the status quo of the US space program than that of the Clinton or McCain campaigns. However, to this constituent of space, Obama's ambivalence makes him THE MOST ATTRACTIVE Presidential candidate in this campaign. Why?"



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