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Florida Link to Launch Rally to Include Addresses from Federal, State Officials

What: Link to Launch: Floridians will gather, link their hands and countdown from 30 seconds when they will lift them skyward in a gesture to show solidarity and awareness of the importance of the Space Program to America. The rally is scheduled to coincide with a Senate subcommittee hearing being held inside the Port Authority Offices. The Link to Launch movement was started by people in on Florida's Space Coast to raise the awareness of the nation and our policy makers that Space is a critical element in our nation's security, our culture and global economic competitiveness. A limited number of media seats on helicopters are available for aerial photography.

When: Monday, June 23

NASA backers up ante, send message to next president, Orlando Sentinel

"President Bush "strongly opposes" the measure -- saying it costs too much -- but its backers said the bill isn't meant for him. It's intended to show presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama that NASA has support in Congress. "We're really on to the next administration at this point. That's 99 percent of our focus," said U.S. Rep. Tom Feeney, R-Oviedo, one of the bill's sponsors. "By an overwhelming, enthusiastic and bipartisan majority, the U.S. House has endorsed an aggressive promotion of NASA in general and human spaceflight in particular."

McCain Wants a Man on Mars, Washington post

"Yes, I'd be willing to spend more taxpayers dollars,'' McCain said, adding he thought Americans respond to setting goals for specific projects. McCain said ever since reading Ray Bradbury's Martian Chronicles, "I'm intrigued by a man on Mars. I think it would excite the imagination of the American people . . . Americans would be very willing to do that.''

Video Of McCain's comments (scroll down a bit)

U.S. Rep. Bud Cramer still hasn't chosen Obama or Clinton, Birmingham News

"Cramer said Obama had positions about space exploration and how far along the space agency was in funding a return trip to the Moon and on to Mars. He said Obama made it clear that the exploration program was not just a signature of the Bush Administration, but one that many congressmen had wanted for years. "I wanted them to look at the issues more thoroughly ... I just got a commitment that they would," he said."

Space exploration on the cheap: America misses its moment, The Hill

"... All achieved by the clear vision laid out by President Kennedy when he told the nation that our goal was to be on the moon by the end of the 1960s. By comparison, today's lack of political leadership when it comes to space exploration is embarrassing.

Don't get me wrong. This is not a Republican or a Democratic matter. And politicians are not the only ones to blame. We the people, who have not exactly demanded excellence from our government over the past few decades, share a big part of the blame as well. Maybe even most of the blame."

Space Politics at ISDC

The so-so space debate, Space Review

"Those interested in space policy this election year have suffered from conflicting feelings. On the one hand, there have been plenty of opportunities for the candidates to speak about space issues, more so than in a typical election cycle, due perhaps to the length or intensity of the campaign. From formal policy statements to questions posed at town hall meetings, all three of the major remaining candidates--Senators Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and Barack Obama--have had multiple opportunities to talk about how they would handle various space-related issues as president."



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