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The President of Free Space, Part 3: Hope or Fear, Discovery News

"Silly me. When I embarked on this freelance journalism project to chase down strings of rationality in the race for the U.S. presidency, using the space program as my fishing reel, I made a bad assumption. I thought rationality MATTERED to all people. You know? Fact-gathering, logical reasoning, analysis, verification the processes of science? Please stop chuckling. I know I should have known better. So forget about the LOGICAL thing to do for NASA, let alone the country. I've realized what counts most in our society is a good story. We love drama. If it was our gross domestic product, we'd have so much money Sarah Palin would be writing us checks from the Treasury, just like they do with oil revenue in Alaska."

Presidential space debate closed to public, Orlando Sentinel

"The meeting is closed, definitely closed, and that is not going to change," said Alexis Allen, a spokeswoman for Aerospace Industries Association, a trade industry group. "I think there has been a lot of public debate and not every forum has to be a public event."

Editor's note: What is the AIA afraid of? An informed electorate?

Report offers advice to McCain, Obama on science and technology appointments, National Academy of Sciences

"The report recommends that the president and Senate accelerate the appointment process for S&T leadership to reduce the personal and financial burdens on nominees and to allow important positions to be filled swiftly. Congress and the Office of Government Ethics should simplify procedures aimed at avoiding conflicts of interest in appointees, which have become unduly complex over the years. And scientific and professional societies should more actively reach out to the president's science adviser and other senior administration leaders to provide input that broadens the pool of candidates for appointments."

McCain and Obama on Science

McCain, Obama Weigh in on Science

"Entering the debate on several contentious science issues, John McCain today answered the "14 top science questions facing America," according to ScienceDebate2008.com, the group leading an effort to make science issues a larger part of the election. His answers join those of Barack Obama, who answered the same questions two weeks ago. Recent national polls have shown that 85% of voters would like the see the candidates debate these challenges, and the majority of voters are much more likely to vote for a candidate that has a plan for tackling these issues."



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