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Barack Obama Campaign Promise No. 345: Enhance earth mapping, PolitiFact.com

"In its Fiscal Year 2010 proposed budget, the Obama administration sought $120.6 million for LDCM through NASA accounts and $40.2 million through USGS accounts. Between July 14, 2009, and July 17, 2009, a preliminary design review was held in Linthicum, Md. NASA described the event as "successful" -- an early milestone for the program. LDCM won't be ready to launch for a few years, but the promise here was simply to "support" the program. The Obama administration has done that seeking funding for it. We consider it a Promise Kept."

Use the private sector to improve spaceflight: No action

Support human mission to moon by 2020: No action

Promises about Space on the Obameter, PolitiFact.com



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