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NASA no priority for most presidential candidates, Orlando Sentinel

"Of all the presidential candidates, the election of Newt Gingrich likely would have the greatest effect on NASA for one simple reason. He would pay attention to it. The beleaguered space agency, despite its frequent mention in lofty speeches about "reaching for the stars," rarely gets put on the front burner of domestic policy -- if it's on the stove at all. It took former President George W. Bush more than three years after his election in 2000 to unveil any significant plan for the agency. President Barack Obama's biggest impact has been following through on a campaign promise to downgrade NASA's troubled moon program -- the one set up by Bush."

Newt Skywalker

Gingrich is right about the space program, Daily Caller

"I've made fun of Gingrich before. There's a lot to make fun of. But zapping him on the space program is shortsighted pandering. Our presence in space is a strategic necessity. But it's more than that too. Last spring, a Marist poll found that kids no longer want to be astronauts. That's a generation no longer inspired to reach for the stars. It's un-American. And it has to change."

The return of Newt Skywalker, Politico

"Gingrich defended his lunar notions Saturday. "I grew up in a generation when the space program was real, when it was important."

Newt Gingrich "has suggested" building "a mirror system in space" could improve the Earth's habitability, PolitiFact.com

"Gingrich co-wrote his book more than a quarter century ago, and since he doesn't appear to have reiterated the call for floating mirrors in recent years, we can safely assume the idea is no longer at the top of his policy agenda. But did cite the idea approvingly in his book, so we rate Brooks' statement True."

Newt Gingrich targeted over policy, personal life in GOP debate, LA Times

"Mitt Romney, who has been running at or near the front of polls until Gingrich's recent surge, challenged Gingrich's call to colonize the moon and to change child labor laws so inner-city students can go to work cleaning their classrooms. Romney contrasted his background in the business world with Gingrich's long career in Washington.

"Let's be candid," Gingrich shot back. "The only reason you didn't become a career politician is you lost to Teddy Kennedy in 1994." The rejoinder -- a reference to Romney's unsuccessful U.S. Senate bid before winning the Massachusetts governorship eight years later -- was the closest Gingrich came to showing pique.

Acting like the college lecturer he once was, he rebutted his opponents point by point, saying, for instance, that colonizing the moon would inspire students to study math and science and that putting poor students to work was a way to instill a healthy work ethic."



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