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Obama's tough decisions will lead nation forward in space, opinion, Mark Kelly, Orlando Sentinel

"The decision to commercialize certain parts of our space program was not easy. I was not a fan at first of canceling the Constellation rocket program. I worried about what it would mean for NASA's overall mission, and what it would do to the brilliant and patriotic men and women who work there. But I'm impressed by how far SpaceX has come in the past 17 months. And it's a bargain: The dramatic cost savings of commercial spaceflight -- savings we need to reduce the deficit and grow our economy -- let us expand the frontiers of space and stay at the forefront of technological innovation. The president made a tough, bold decision -- and I now believe he was right. It's part of a series of tough decisions he has made to stand by NASA and especially Florida's Space Coast. The president is investing in work-force training to connect Space Coast workers with emerging clean-energy businesses."

Will Mitt Romney Fire Space Advisor Michael Griffin For Proposing Permanent Moon Base?, BarackObama.com

"While speaking to Global Space Exploration Conference in Washington D.C. on Tuesday, Romney Space Advisor Michael Griffin renewed his calls for a "permanent base on the moon." Given Romney's promise to fire anyone who proposed putting a colony on the moon, will Romney keep his promise by firing Griffin?"

Keith's note: Mr. Romney has said next to nothing about space policy thus far. But on the one notable instance where he did say something, Romney stated that he'd fire anyone who took the position of supporting moonbases - the stance that Romney campaign space advisor Mike Griffin has taken. You have to wonder whether Mike Griffin actually knows what his candidate's positions are with regard to space policy - or is this an indication that Romney's positionon moonbases has changed? Stay tuned.

- Partisan Romney Space Advisor To Call For Non-Partisan Space Policy, earlier post
- Obama Campaign Issues Space Policy Fact Sheet, earlier post

FACT SHEET: President Obamas Accomplishments for NASA and Floridas Space Coast

"On the heels of the first successful launch of a private spacecraft to the International Space Station ushering in a new era of space exploration, Obama for America-Florida released the following fact sheet on President Obama's space policy and accomplishments: "I am 100 percent committed to the mission of NASA and its future. Because broadening our capabilities in space will continue to serve our society in ways that we can scarcely imagine. Because exploration will once more inspire wonder in a new generation sparking passions and launching careers. And because, ultimately, if we fail to press forward in the pursuit of discovery, we are ceding our future and we are ceding that essential element of the American character." -President Barack Obama"

Keith's note:Of course, we'll be more than happy to post space policy statements from the Romney campaign - as soon as they issue them.

AIAA President to Call for Space Exploration Policy Goals Which Transcend Partisan Political Concerns

"Event Features AIAA President Dr. Michael Griffin - space exploration policy goals which transcend partisan political differences, enhancing the future of the US space program and its ability to cooperate more fully with its international partners."

Newt Gingrich brings campaign to a close, with swipes at Obama, jokes at his own expense, Washington Post

"And in bowing out, Gingrich made several joking references to his campaign-trail plan for a permanent moon colony - a proposal that has come to symbolize Gingrich's descent from one of the most powerful players on the national stage to an also-ran often ridiculed for his often-grandiose ideas."I want to just say I'm cheerfully going to take back up the issue of space," Gingrich, who spoke in front of a black velvet curtain and at a podium bearing his campaign logo, said as he came to the end of a long list of issues he said he intends to continue addressing in appearances across the country. "My wife has pointed out to me approximately 219 times, give or take three, that moon colony was probably not my most clever comment in this campaign," he continued. "I thought, frankly, in my role as providing material for 'Saturday Night Live,' it was helpful."

Keith's note: (Sigh) it would seem that talking about extending our species to other worlds is still not a topic for serious public discussion - unless you make SciFi movies or write for Saturday Night Live. Like him or not, Newt stuck his neck out on this topic - and also for the commercial space policy of the Obama Administration - even though he had to cross partisan lines to do so. I am sure we'll be hearing more from Newt about space and It will likely be interesting.



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