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AIAA to Hold Capitol Hill Dialogue on Deep Space Exploration

"The panel ... will be moderated by Dr. Scott Pace, director, Space Policy Institute, The George Washington University. ... " AIAA President Mike Griffin stated, "Human history is the story of societies expanding the frontiers of their time, exploiting and consolidating their gains on those frontiers, and moving on again. That history is not written by or about the people who stayed home ..." ... blah blah blah ... (Apollo on Steroids, etc).

Keith's note: Once again Mike Griffin and Scott Pace are using a third party forum to (1) whine about the big game they lost in high school and (2) advance their personal views - views that may or may not represent the Romney campaign - which is (3) an organization that they may or may not represent depending on how they (4) want the media to report what they say or did not say so as to (5) stay in the news so that (6) one of them gets to run NASA (again).



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