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America's Future in Space: Continuing this Quest, Republican Platform (page 28)

"The exploration of space has been a key part of U.S. global leadership and has supported innovation and ownership of technology. Over the last half century, in partnership with our aerospace industry, the work of NASA has helped define and strengthen our nation's technological prowess. From building the world's most powerful rockets to landing men on the Moon, sending robotic spacecraft throughout our solar system and beyond, building the International Space Station, and launching space-based telescopes that allow scientists to better understand our universe, NASA science and engineering have produced spectacular results. The technologies that emerged from those programs propelled our aerospace industrial base and directly benefit our national security, safety, economy, and quality of life. Through its achievements, NASA has inspired generations of Americans to study science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, leading to careers that drive our country's technological and economic engines.

Today, America's leadership in space is challenged by countries eager to emulate--and surpass-- NASA's accomplishments. To preserve our national security interests and foster innovation and competitiveness, we must sustain our preeminence in space, launching more science missions, guaranteeing unfettered access, and maintaining a source of high-value American jobs."

RNC 2012: Mitt Romney speech to GOP convention (Full Text), Washington Post

"I was born in the middle of the century in the middle of the country, a classic baby boomer. It was a time when Americans were returning from war and eager to work. To be an American was to assume that all things were possible. When President Kennedy challenged Americans to go to the moon, the question wasn't whether we'd get there, it was only when we'd get there. The soles of Neil Armstrong's boots on the moon made permanent impressions on OUR souls and in our national psyche. Ann and I watched those steps together on her parent's sofa. Like all Americans we went to bed that night knowing we lived in the greatest country in the history of the world. God bless Neil Armstrong. Tonight that American flag is still there on the moon. And I don't doubt for a second that Neil Armstrong's spirit is still with us: that unique blend of optimism, humility and the utter confidence that when the world needs someone to do the really big stuff, you need an American."

Are you considering increasing funds to the space program?, Reddit

President Obama: "Making sure we stay at the forefront of space exploration is a big priority for my administration. The passing of Neil Armstrong this week is a reminder of the inspiration and wonder that our space program has provided in the past; the curiosity probe on mars is a reminder of what remains to be discovered. The key is to make sure that we invest in cutting edge research that can take us to the next level - so even as we continue work with the international space station, we are focused on a potential mission to a asteroid as a prelude to a manned Mars flight."

The Top American Science Questions in 2012, Sciencedebate.org

"ScienceDebate.org invited thousands of scientists, engineers and concerned citizens to submit what they felt were the the most important science questions facing the nation that the candidates for president should be debating on the campaign trail ...

12. Space. The United States is currently in a major discussion over our national goals in space. What should America's space exploration and utilization goals be in the 21st century and what steps should the government take to help achieve them?"

Ex-astronaut Eugene Cernan steps on Obama, Politico

"I don't think he fully understands what traditional America is all about, because he didn't literally grow up here," the Apollo 17 commander told Fox News's Neil Cavuto. "I don't think that I could convince him why this is important. I don't know that he wants America to be first. I don't know that he doesn't want us to play on a more level playing field. I don't know that he doesn't care if Russia or China gets to the Moon and we're dragging tailbone." ... Cernan also said he has "been offered an opportunity to be part of" the GOP convention in Tampa."

Keith's note: President Obama was born in Hawaii (a U.S. state, by the way) and has lived in the United States for his entire life except for 1967-71. Between 1966 and 1969 Mitt Romney lived in France. John McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone and spent much of his youth living abroad. So what? As for what the phrase "traditional America is all about" means, perhaps Cernan will enlighten us as to what he's implying if/when he participates in the Republican national convention.

Ryan on NASA

A conversation with Paul Ryan about Medicare reform, Cuba and NASA, ABC Action News

"Ryan, who voted against the 2008 and 2010 NASA Authorization Acts, said he believed in a "robust space program." He said the space agency, which has shed thousands of jobs after the retirement of the space shuttle and the cancelation of its Constellation program, was an "invaluable asset to our national security." "President Obama has advanced what we think are devastating and irresponsible cuts to defense programs. We want to restore that because we believe in peace through strength. We believe in scientific research. We obviously believe that a robust space program is in the vital national security interests of America," he said. "Mitt Romney has committed to restoring our national defense which we see as a national security issue including our space programs." Ryan declined to say which role, if any, commercial space companies such as Space Exploration Technologies, or SpaceX, would have under a Romney-Ryan administration."

Romney Taunts Chinese Moon Landing Plans, TPM (with video)

"On the campaign trail in Florida - home of the Space Coast - Monday, Romney taunted Chinese plans to land an unmanned probe on the on the moon in 2013. Romney: "This is still the greatest nation on earth. I know there are people around the world who are always critical of America, have something negative to say, say our greatest days are in the past. Baloney. We just won more Olympic medals than any other nation on Earth. You also just saw we just landed on Mars and took a good look at what's going on there. And I know the Chinese are planning on going to the Moon and I hope they have a good experience doing that and I hope they stop in and take a look at our flag that was put there 43 years ago."

Ex-NASA boss defends GW Bush "vision" (again...), Doctorlinda (Linda Billings)

"Griffin told the committee that he's grown "tired" of pronouncements that the United States is "the world's leader in space."* "We barely rank number 3.... Our vision today is mostly talk," he said ..."

Keith's note: Gee, it certainly sounds like Mitt Romney doesn't agree with his space advisor Mike Griffin when it comes to America Vs China in space.

Keith's note: It would seem that Mike Griffin has given up on becoming Mitt Romney's NASA Administrator. I guess that means that the way has been cleared for fellow Romney space advisor Scott Pace: "Schafer Corporation Appoints Michael Griffin Chairman and Chief Executive Officer"

Keith's note: An election-oriented, invitation-only roundtable discussion is being held today in Melbourne, FL. Sponsored by the Economic Development Commission of Florida's Space Coast, the event features former OSTP Chief of Staff Jim Kohlenberger and Obama for America Florida Policy Director Laurie Watkins. The topic is education and aerospace sector issues affecting Brevard County. Local educators and aerospace companies with a presence in Florida are sending representatives.

Obama campaign to Romney on Space Coast: Where are you on space?, Orlando Sentinel

"Dale Ketcham of the EDC said the Romney campaign has been invited to address the EDC-Space Coast about his space vision, but has not responded. "There's always a standing invitation from the EDC and this community. We did it for past presidential candidates and candidates for governor, senator, congress. There's been a tradition and expectation of the candidates coming to this district and talking about their vision for space," Ketcham said. "There's certainly time for them, but it would be a little puzzling if they don't. They're certainly handing the president a chance to beat them over the head."

Space Coast leaders pushing presidential candidates on space policy, 13 News

"Jeff Bechdel, Florida Communications Director, Mitt Romney For President issued this statement Friday: "Governor Romney will provide the clear, decisive, and steadfast leadership the space program requires. As President, Romney will bring together leading officials, researchers, and entrepreneurs to establish clear goals and missions for NASA that fulfill its objectives of spurring innovation, pursuing exploration, and symbolizing American exceptionalism."

As NASA Announces Partnerships With Commercial Crew Program, Floridians Worry About Romney's Silence On Space Policy, Obama for America-Florida

"As Floridians have seen President Obama's continued commitment on moving our nation's space program forward, Mitt Romney refuses to answer even the most basic questions surrounding space policy. He won't say if he supports President Obama's efforts to support and grow America's commercial space industry, and as each day passes, it becomes increasingly clear that Mitt Romney has no clear vision for NASA." - Eric Jotkoff, Obama for America-Florida"

Futron Releases 2012 Space Competitiveness Index, SpaceRef.biz

"Futron has released its 2012 Space Competitiveness Index marking the 5th anniversary of the yearly publication. According to the report, the United States remains the overall leader in space competitiveness but is seeing a decline for the 5th year in a row."

Ex-NASA boss defends GW Bush "vision" (again...), Doctorlinda (Linda Billings)

"Griffin told the committee that he's grown "tired" of pronouncements that the United States is "the world's leader in space."* "We barely rank number 3.... Our vision today is mostly talk," he said, insisting that the Constellation program put in place in response to President Bush's so-called "Vision for Space Exploration" was, and still is, a good plan and affordable to execute. He asserted that Bush's strategy was "the right strategy, was endorsed by both Democrats and Republicans in Congress, and did not a massive increase in the NASA budget."

Keith's note: What is Mike Griffin Smoking? Futron shows the U.S. in #1 position but Griffin claims that it is #3. Does Griffin know something that the experts at Futron do not know? Where does Griffin get his data? Is he going to share the numbers with the rest of us? Is this some secret campaign data that the Romney folks have unearthed or just more hot air and sour grapes on Mike's part? Truth be known: Mike Griffin needs the U.S. to be in an inferior and declining position so as to hype his own voodoo rocket science. It makes no sense otherwise. He seems to think that if he just says things often enough that people will think what he says is true.

Mike Griffin/Scott Pace Road Show Update, earlier post

"Once again Mike Griffin and Scott Pace are using a third party forum to (1) whine about the big game they lost in high school and (2) advance their personal views - views that may or may not represent the Romney campaign - which is (3) an organization that they may or may not represent depending on how they (4) want the media to report what they say or did not say so as to (5) stay in the news so that (6) one of them gets to run NASA (again)."



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