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Mitt Romney pulls in $6 million at Beverly Hills fundraiser, LA Times

"When you have a fire in an aircraft, there's no place to go, exactly, there's no -- and you can't find any oxygen from outside the aircraft to get in the aircraft, because the windows don't open. I don't know why they don't do that. It's a real problem. So it's very dangerous."

Gingrich criticizes Romney-Ryan space plan, NBC

"One-time presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich, who promised during the GOP primary to create a U.S. moon colony if elected, criticized Mitt Romney's plan for space exploration as not being "robust" enough. "The Romney plan for space starts to move in the right direction but could be much more robust," the former House speaker told NBC News a day after the Republican presidential nominee unveiled his "Securing U.S. Leadership in Space" plan. "We could move into space much, much faster than we are. Romney is better than [President] Obama on space but could be bolder and more visionary."

Gingrich & Walker: Obama's brave reboot for NASA, Washington Times (2010)

"Despite the shrieks you might have heard from a few special interests, the Obama administration's budget for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration deserves strong approval from Republicans. The 2011 spending plan for the space agency does what is obvious to anyone who cares about man's future in space and what presidential commissions have been recommending for nearly a decade."

Other posts on Newt Gingrich

According to this statement from the Romney campaign by Scott Pace: "We have enjoyed a half-century of leadership in space, but that leadership is eroding due to multiple policy and management mistakes by the current Administration. Our nation's space efforts require clear, decisive, and steadfast leadership to determine exactly where we are going and the larger purposes behind our space program in support of vital national interests. A Romney Administration will provide the steadiness of purpose, coherence, and bipartisan support that our nation's space community needs and deserves."

The Romney position paper states: "For the first time since the dawn of the Space Age, the United States has no clear plan for putting its own astronauts into space. We have a space station that we cannot send astronauts to without Russian transportation."

Keith's note: Scott Pace's comments evidence total amnesia on his part. Regardless of whether you think it was a good or bad idea, the plan to retire the Space Shuttle and rely upon Russia to transport Americans to the ISS for a number of years was put in place by the Bush Administration - not the Obama Administration. After working in the Bush White House, Scott Pace spent 4 years with Mike Griffin at NASA during the Bush Administration implementing this policy. The net result under their leadership was a gap between shuttle retirement and Constellation implementation that grew, costs that rose, and performance that dropped. Looks like Pace, Griffin et al have their own Etch-A-Sketch when it comes to space policy. Just shake it and the past goes away.

Mike Griffin/Scott Pace Road Show Update, earlier post

Keith's note: The following was issued by the Romney Camapign:

Romney Campaign: Securing Leadership in Space (with policy paper)

"Embracing A Robust Role For Commercial Space:

Mitt Romney recognizes the exciting opportunity that the commercial space industry offers for technological innovation and commerce. He will establish a clear framework that ensures NASA serves as a constructive partner for private sector initiatives.

- NASA will set the goals and lead the way in human space exploration, working from a clear roadmap in partnership with our allies, research institutions, and the private sector.

- NASA will look whenever possible to the private sector to provide repeatable space-based services like human and cargo transport to and from low Earth orbit. It will provide clear and timely guidance as to expected needs so the private sector can plan and invest accordingly.

- The private sector will handle commercially viable activities -- from satellite launches to space tourism to new businesses and industries that U.S. entrepreneurs will no doubt create if provided a friendly environment for doing so. NASA will license technology as soon as is practicable, and aim to facilitate the growth of this sector.

All of these efforts will produce technologies that can be commercialized throughout our economy, spurring growth and job creation and strengthening our competitiveness. "

There is, of course, the required bashing of Romney's opponent and the prerequsite call for (yet another blue ribbon) panel to fix whatever it is that is broken. Otherwise, in addition to its stated commerical policy (above), the Romney team also mirrors the Obama policy i.e. no clear locations are specified, no time frame is offered, and no budget pledges are made. The space policy advisors listed on the position paper are: Scott Pace (Chair), Mark Albrecht, Eric Anderson, Gene Cernan, Bob Crippen, Michael Griffin, Peter Marquez, and William Martel.

It's time for America to make miracles again -- with Obama, opinion, Katheleen Kennedy Townsend, Orlando Sentinel

"On Aug. 6, NASA again made history by successfully landing the Curiosity rover on Mars to look for signs of life and pave the way for the first human mission. No other country in the world has done what we have done on Mars. I was almost as excited by that miracle landing as I was in 1969 as an 18-year-old girl, mesmerized by the sight of American footprints on the moon. President Kennedy never lived to see that dream come true. But so many of his miraculous dreams are living reality today."

Obama on Medicare, space in Florida, Politico

"And while Obama was in the neighborhood of the Kennedy Space Center, he praised NASA for the successful landing of the spacecraft Curiosity on Mars last month. Obama called Curiosity "an incredible achievement that speaks to our sense of wonder and can-do spirit." He said the landing serves as "an example of what we do when we combine our science, our research, our ability to commercialize new products, making them in America."

Obama Talks Space In Florida

Guest column: Obama's space vision, Rusty Schweickart, FL Today

"As President Obama visits the Space Coast today, we are witnessing how his policies are bringing jobs to the area and new hope to the space community. Florida's Space Coast has become not just the launching pad for commercial rockets to the station and America's launch pad for the largest heavy-lift rocket that NASA has ever built, but is now also a launching pad for new businesses and jobs of the future. In light of this leadership, Mitt Romney's candidacy presents a stark choice. Romney claims to support the space program, but like many other issues this election, Romney fails to present Americans a plan for the future of NASA and the program that is forever etched in our nation's history."

Republicans' plan for space program mirrors Obama's, opinion, FL Today

"Mitt Romney and the Republican National Committee have blown it on space. For two years, Republicans have accused President Barack Obama of bungling Brevard County's signature industry. They hammered him in appearances and interviews for canceling Constellation, botching thousands of shuttle jobs and relying on the Russians for lifts to the International Space Station until private U.S. rockets fly. But given a chance to do better, Republicans in Tampa approved a platform that calls for ... staying the course. Their plan is, literally, Obama's plan."

Remarks by the President at a Campaign Event: Melbourne, Florida (Excerpt)

"Here on the Space Coast, we started a new era of American exploration that is creating good jobs right here in this county. (Applause.) We've begun an ambitious new direction for NASA by laying the groundwork for 21st century space flight and innovation. And just last month, we witnessed an incredible achievement that speaks to the nation's sense of wonder and our can-do spirit -- the United States of America landing Curiosity on Mars. (Applause.)

Obama courts Florida voters over Medicare, space policy, Reuters

The president picked a tricky spot in Florida to make his case. The Melbourne area supported Republican nominee John McCain in 2008 by a wide margin, but demographic changes have made the area more friendly to Democrats, an Obama campaign official said. Mindful of the importance of the space industry to voters in a part of the state that includes the Kennedy Space Center, Obama defended his administration's handling of the space program during the rally.

Space exploration is star-crossed on campaign trail, Washington Times

Mr. Romney drew laughter during a Republican debate in Florida in January when he proclaimed that he would have fired primary contest rival Newt Gingrich for proposing the establishment of a human colony on the moon. "If I had a business executive come to me and say they wanted to spend a few hundred billion dollars to put a colony on the moon, I'd say, 'You're fired,'" Mr. Romney quipped. "The idea that corporate America wants to go off to the moon and build a colony there, it may be a big idea, but it's not a good idea."

Obama for America-Florida Announces New Report on President Obama's Accomplishments with the Space Community (with report)

"President Obama has been a champion, laying the groundwork for an ambitious and sustainable NASA program that is equipped for the exploration and innovation of the future, and today. Obama for America-Florida announces the release of accomplishments President Obama has chartered for the space program through his first term in office. From continued investments in deep space exploration to extending the life of the International Space Station, the President understands this nation must press forward, ensuring a future of investment in a suite of innovative space technology research efforts that will enable bold science and exploration missions in the future."

Romney and Obama Campaign Responses to Question on Space Policy, ScienceDebate

12. Space. The United States is currently in a major discussion over our national goals in space. What should America's space exploration and utilization goals be in the 21st century and what steps should the government take to help achieve them?

Barack Obama: ... "From investing in research on advances in spaceflight technology, to expanding our commitment to an education system that prepares our students for space and science achievements, I am committed to strengthening the base for America's next generation of spaceflight. No other country can match our capabilities in Earth observation from space. In robotic space exploration, too, nobody else comes close. And I intend to keep it that way."

Mitt Romney: "... A strong and successful NASA does not require more funding, it needs clearer priorities. I will ensure that NASA has practical and sustainable missions. There will be a balance of pragmatic and top-priority science with inspirational and groundbreaking exploration programs. Partnering Internationally. Part of leadership is also engaging and working with our allies and the international community. I will be clear about the nation's space objectives and will invite friends and allies to cooperate with America in achieving mutually beneficial goals."

2012 Democratic National Platform

"President Obama has charted a new mission for NASA to lead us to a future that builds on America's legacy of innovation and exploration."

Keith's note: That's it? One sentence? Not that I expected more about space (its never a hot theme in presidential cmapaigns) - but with the constant series of press releases coming out of the Obama campaign that go after Mitt Romney's space policy (or lack thereof, so they claim), at least the Romney campaign and the RNC have platform used more words to discuss the issue.

Romney's silence on NASA's future worries space fans, Orlando Sentinel

"Congressional and industry sources said Romney's vagueness also could be attributed to divisions within his own team. His advisers include former NASA chief Mike Griffin, who championed Constellation and the big-government approach of exploring space. But other Romney aides are said to support, at least philosophically, Obama's push to rely more on the private sector to send astronauts into orbit, in part because they see that alternative as more cost effective. The conflict pits old-school Republican support of NASA spaceflight against its fiscally conservative roots -- complicated by an unwillingness to side with the current administration. How the internal battle plays out could determine which course a Romney administration would chart for NASA."

As Republicans Call Out Romney For Having No Clear Vision For NASA, Floridians Deserve the Truth From Romney On Space Issues, Barack Obama 2012

"Over the past few months, Mitt Romney has hoped that Floridians wouldn't notice how he has no plan for NASA nor any vision for space exploration outside of the Romney-Ryan budget that would devastate the space program. But now that even Republican leaders are calling on Mitt Romney to reveal his real plans for the space program and the middle class, maybe Floridians will finally get answers from Romney."



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