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Jeb Bush Wants Aspirational Goals for NASA, SpacePolicyOnline

"Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush enthusiastically called for NASA to pursue aspirational goals in concert with the private sector during a campaign Town Hall meeting yesterday. The former Florida governor has previously expressed his support for the space program. ... Asked what he would do as President to get Congress to allocate more money to NASA to restore U.S. leadership in space, Bush said "I think we need to be more aspirational again." He criticized the Obama Administration for making the United States reliant on Russia for launching people into space and stressed the need for an independent means for getting crews to the space station."

Jeb Bush: Newt Gingrich's moon colony idea was 'cool', CNN

"When former House Speaker Newt Gingrich proposed the idea of forming colonies on the moon during his 2012 presidential bid, he got a lot of laughs. But not from Jeb Bush. The former Florida governor said Wednesday that he actually liked the idea. Recalling the skeptical responses to Gingrich's pitch, Bush said he remembered thinking, "Really? I think it's pretty cool."



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