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Hillary Clinton's often-told story that NASA rejected her childhood dream of becoming an astronaut, Washington Post

"According to NASA and some space historians, the message in the response that Clinton claims to have received is consistent with NASA policy and the agency's attitudes toward the possibility of female astronauts at the time. It is debatable whether the tone of the letter Clinton describes fits NASA's response to girls or aspiring female college students in the early 1960s. NASA could not authenticate the one 1962 letter that exists in cyberspace that appears to confirm Clinton's account, though the agency says it has no reasons to doubt it is a genuine NASA letter."

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Trump on Space

For Donald Trump, fixing potholes is a higher priority than NASA, Mashable

"In the old days, it [NASA] was great. Right now, we have bigger problems, you understand that," Trump said. "We have to fix our potholes. We don't exactly have a lot of money." Right now NASA receives roughly one half of 1% of the overall federal budget each year, amounting to about $18 billion allocated to the space agency for fiscal year 2015. Trump also made it clear that he is excited about the emerging private spaceflight industry. "You know, space is actually being taken over privately, which is great," he said according to a WMUR video taken of the event. "It's being taken over, a lot of private companies going up into space. I like that maybe even better."



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