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Trump takes aim at NASA's climate budget, The Hill

"In a Wednesday speech in Florida, Trump slammed the Obama administration for "undermining our space program." "I will refocus its mission on space exploration," he vowed. "Under a Trump administration, Florida and America, will lead the way into the stars." Trump's remarks are in line with many congressional Republicans who have vowed to prioritize space exploration. The promise to boost exploration funding was likely welcome news for those who see America leading the world in space missions, including a high-profile effort to send astronauts to Mars within decades. But the remarks are also raising alarm among many who fear the GOP plans are a cover for slashing NASA's significant budget for climate research."

NASA Advisory Council Meeting March 31 - April 1 2016, NASA

"Dr. Wanda Austin asked Mr. Bolden to discuss how NASA plans to work with the Presidential transition teams to maintain progress on NASA's current programs and activities. Mr. Bolden explained that the Pre-Election Presidential Transition Act of 2010 allows each political party, after their nominating convention, to assemble transition teams . Beginning in August 2016, NASA will have access to those transition teams. NASA 's intent is to be proactive with the transition teams and tell them as much as possible about NASA, its programs, and the President's vision and remind them, similar to the Hippocratic Oath, first of all to "do no harm. "The Nation is embarked as the leader of the world on an ambitious space exploration program. NASA has put together a great set of science programs. It has a more robust aeronautics program than at any time in the recent history of the Agency, and a technology development program that is helping to develop the cutting edge technologies that would be needed not just for the Journey to Mars but across the NASA portfolio. NASA will not wait for the transition teams to come to NASA, but will go to them."

"The Council discussed the upcoming transition in Presidential Administrations. Dr. Peterson advised that it would be important to be prepared to be proactive and present the transition teams with a plan for Mars. Mr. Hale reported that he had worked with the last transition team and learned that space policy is made at the White House. He asserted, "It is setting the expectation too high to suggest that NASA can affect the formulation of space policy." Ms. Blakey advised that it is important to know who is listened to on the transition teams."

Election only the start of a long-term NASA transition, SpaceNews

"While both Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican candidate Donald Trump established transition teams after accepting their parties' nominations this summer, months ahead of the Nov. 8 general election, that planning has yet to involve "landing teams" for NASA. "We're at the point now where, any day now, we could hear about individual names for the landing team for NASA," said Michael French, NASA chief of staff, speaking at a meeting of the Federal Aviation Administration's Commercial Space Transportation Advisory Committee (COMSTAC) here. "NASA has not received this information yet."

Keith's note: Interesting. With regard to presidential transition teams Charlie Bolden said "NASA will not wait for the transition teams to come to NASA, but will go to them". Now, with regard to who is on these transition teams, his chief of staff says "NASA has not received this information yet". So ... I guess no one followed Bolden's direction to seek out the transition teams. In my experience, transition teams never reveal their membership until after an election, so I am not sure he'd know who to talk to anyway . If you compare Bolden's and French's approaches they seem to be the opposite of each other. I wonder who is giving NASA HQ advice on all of this?

- Now NASA Wants Special Treatment From Congress, earlier post

Clinton Campaign Op Ed

Hillary will expand our space potential, op ed, Space News

"We are fortunate to be entering a dynamic new era in space - one that will enable us to explore new worlds, expand our scientific knowledge, push the frontiers of technological innovation, and achieve our boldest aspirations in space. This forward trajectory has been fueled by pragmatic policies that have brought together our brightest minds, and newest technologies, to forge new frontiers. As president, Secretary Clinton will not only build on our progress in space, but will advance inspirational, achievable, and affordable space initiatives."

Donald Trump's "peace through strength" space doctrine, op ed, Space News

"A key Trump goal will be to create lower costs through greater efficiencies. We must ensure that space products developed for one sector, but applicable to another, will be fully shared, not duplicated. It makes little sense to develop numerous launch vehicles at taxpayer cost, all with essentially the same technology and payload capacity. Coordinated policy could end such duplication of effort and could likely determine where there are private sector solutions that do not necessarily require government investment."

Keith's note: A second Trump space policy op ed in 2 weeks - and still no overt mention of support for SLS/Orion, ARM, or #JourneyToMars - just the same statement that government should not be developing launch capabilities when the private sector can do so.

- Trump Space Advisors Omit Support of SLS, Orion, ARM, #JourneytoMars, earlier post

Trump Scrubs KSC Visit

Keith's update: According to CNN, Trump has cancelled plans to visit KSC. So much for the photo op of his jet landing at KSC shuttle landing facility. Apparently they could not find a rally location offsite in a nearby location that would meet the expected audience numbers. I've also heard that there was a NASA concern that the campaign would try and do a tour where giant NASA logos would appear in campaign photos.

Donald Trump adds Sanford, St. Augustine to Florida swing, FloridaPolitics.com

"In addition, he's expected to tour Kennedy Space Center and meet with the Economic Development Commission of Florida's Space Coast. That activity originally was scheduled for Monday but the Space Coast EDC reported it has been postponed to Tuesday. No details are yet available."

Donald Trump to meet with Florida space officials Monday, Orlando Sentinel

"Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has accepted an invitation to tour Kennedy Space Center and other locations on the Space Coast before sitting in on a roundtable of space industry leaders on Monday, Oct. 24. ... So far, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has not accepted invitations to tour the region. Lynda Weatherman, president and CEO of the economic development commission of Florida's Space Coast, said she hopes Trump's visit encourages Clinton to follow suit."

Trump's space policy reaches for Mars and the stars, Op Ed, Space News

"A 21st century space policy requires a bold combination of public missions, commercial solutions and the agility to address real threats and real opportunities. To craft such a policy, government must recognize that space is no longer the province of governments alone. Ronald Reagan anticipated this revolution long ago when he signed the 1984 Commercial Space Launch Act. ... Creating the technologies necessary to meet these goals would push us into the forefront of technological development and benefit our economy for decades to come. However, NASA cannot be expected to do this kind of 21st century Apollo-like mission if it is forced to accept outdated operational structures, contracting procedures, and bureaucracies created in the last century."

Keith's note: Former congresman, veteran space consultant, and Trump advisor Robert Walker is one of the two authors of this op ed. No mention is made of SLS, Orion, or ARM - yet a list of specific commercial companies and their capabilities - Orbital ATK, SpaceX, Blue Origin, Boeing, Paragon, Sierra Nevada, United Launch Alliance, Virgin Galactic and XCOR Aerospace is included. Moreover a warning against Apollo-like missions (#JourneyToMars) is made.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump weigh in on U.S. space policy, Space News

"TRUMP: After taking office, we will have a comprehensive review of our plans for space, and will work with Congress to set both priorities and mission."

"CLINTON Today, thanks to decades of successful American robotic explorers, we know more about the universe than ever before. We have learned that asteroids have shaped life on our home planet and will likely affect our future. Their scientific value and their potential as a resource make them valuable targets for further exploration. Many of the technologies we need to send astronauts to an asteroid can also serve as foundational technologies that will be necessary to make human exploration of Mars possible. While President Kennedy set NASA on a course to win the race against Russia to get to the moon, today, human spaceflight is a global endeavor, with astronauts and cosmonauts living and working together on the International Space Station -- a remarkable facility developed with 15 international partners. America should continue to push the boundaries of space and lead a global effort of exploration. I have always been an enthusiastic supporter of human space flight. My administration will continue to invest in this worthwhile endeavor. Mars is a consensus horizon goal, though to send humans safely, we still need to advance the technologies required to mitigate the effects of long-duration, deep-space flight."

Keith's note: In other words Trump has no idea. Clinton, on the other hand ...

WikiLeaks Reveals UFO ​Messages in Clinton Campaign Emails, Wall Street Journal (subscription)

"The former lead singer of the band Blink 182 was in recent contact with Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman John Podesta about UFOs, newly disclosed emails show. Tom DeLonge, who was the guitarist for the power punk trio best known for songs like "Dammit" and "What's My Age Again," emailed Mr. Podesta at least twice. He wrote in cryptic terms about their well-documented mutual interest in more government disclosure about the phenomenon of unidentified flying objects of potential extraterrestrial origin. The emails, released by the website Wikileaks this month, also reveal that Mr. Podesta participated in a documentary that Mr. DeLonge is producing. Mr. Podesta, who has worked in the highest levels of government in the administrations of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, has expressed interested in the topic. And he has long championed further government disclosure around classified files concerning UFOs."

- Is This A Preview of Hillary Clinton's Space Policy?, earlier post
- Hillary Clinton Wants Area 51 Transparency (Slow News Day), earlier post
- Aliens and Space Policy, earlier post

Keith's note: WikiLeaks, Blink 182, John Podesta, and UFOs? This sounds like the premise of a South Park episode.

Senate Committee Advances Bill to Ensure Stability at NASA During Change of Administration, AIP

"The Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee has advanced a NASA authorization bill that focuses on space exploration and seeks to ensure stability at the space agency through the upcoming presidential transition. Unlike the House-passed NASA authorization bill, the Senate bill has only a few provisions specific to NASA's science divisions. Whereas the House backed a sweeping authorization bill that addresses all of NASA's major programs, including providing extensive guidance to NASA's Science Mission Directorate, the Senate bill focuses on big picture strategy and ensuring stability at the agency through the upcoming presidential transition. The Senate legislation emphasizes NASA's role in space exploration, and it would formalize in statute the horizon goal of sending humans to Mars as well as support steps for getting there."



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