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30 September 2004: Arthur Clarke Mars Greenhouse Update

"In early August everyone left our base camp on Devon Island in the high Arctic. However the Arthur Clarke Mars Greenhouse has been running autonomously since then. In early September we began experiencing technical difficulties with our communications link to the greenhouse. For several weeks a team of dedicated engineers worked the problem. After many long hours, communication with the greenhouse was restored."

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22 September 2004: NASA Administrator's Symposium Examines Exploration and Risk

"During a special symposium hosted by Administrator Sean O'Keefe, NASA examines the similarities between space exploration and other terrestrial expeditions with the help of some of the best known explorers in the world, including mountain climbers, deep sea explorers, scientists and science fiction writers. The discussions also will include NASA astronauts, other notable aeronautics and deep space explorers. The symposium will be carried live Sept. 27-28 on NASA TV and webcast on www.nasa.gov from the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, Calif."

24 September 2004: Mike Foale may be NASA's best spokesman, advocate, Op Ed, The Decatur Daily

"NASA may have discovered its best spokesman and chief advocate Wednesday in the form of Mike Foale, commander of Expedition 8."

According to: NASA Modification to a Previous Presolicitation Notice: Human & Robotic Technology:

"1. Extension of the due date for offerors impacted by hurricane activity as follows: Response Date: Electronic Proposals due September 29, 2004 4:30 P.M. EDT."

Crawling Toward Warp Drive

16 September 2004: A traveling-wave engine to power deep space travel, LANL

"A University of California scientist working at Los Alamos National Laboratory and researchers from Northrop Grumman Space Technology have developed a novel method for generating electrical power for deep-space travel using sound waves. The traveling-wave thermoacoustic electric generator has the potential to power space probes to the furthest reaches of the Universe."

Responses are due on 12 October 2004.

NASA GSFC: "We plan to invite formal presentations and discussions at GSFC of the more compelling responses within 45 days of the RFI issuance."

- Water Ice Validation Concept
- Radiation/Biology Surface Demonstration
- Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Mission Ground System and Mission Operations
- Advanced Technology for Space Platform Architectures
- Background Program Information



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