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From the Sea to the Stars

30 October 2004: NASA and U.S. Navy Join to Celebrate Spirit of Exploration

"NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe acknowledged past acts of discovery and heroism, while challenging future generations to continue the American spirit of exploration. Administrator O'Keefe spoke at a ceremony today on board the historic museum frigate USS Constellation, docked at the U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Md. Constellation Museum Director Chris Rowson joined him in highlighting the connection between the legacy of the USS Constellation's namesake and NASA's Project Constellation, the agency's new family of Crew Exploration Vehicles."

Now online: Solar and Space Physics and Its Role in Space Exploration, National Research Council

"NASA requested the NRC to review the role solar and space physics should play in support of the new goals. This report presents the results of that review. It considers solar and space physics both as aspects of scientific exploration and in support of enabling future exploration of the solar system. The report provides a series of recommendations about NASAs Sun-Earth Connections program to enable it to meet both of those goals."

Lecture on NASA Prizes

"Prize Competitions for Innovation in Science, Technology, and Exploration"

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Brant Sponberg, Manager, Centennial Challenges, NASA

18 October 2004: NASA: Taking the Vision to the Next Step

"NASA is taking the next steps in moving The Vision for Space Exploration from concept to reality. Working with the best in the aerospace industry, the agency is already exploring and refining the concepts that will help America return to the Moon, and ultimately travel to Mars and beyond. Each of the contractors has presented unique ideas about the space transportation systems needed for future journeys. You can explore the presentations yourself, or visit the companies' Web sites, by clicking the links below..."

Editor's note: The transcripts and presentations from the recent NASA symposium "Risk and Exploration: Earth, Sea and the Stars" are now online. In the coming days, NASA will be adding photographs and other multimedia from the event. Replays of the three primary sessions can be seen on NASA TV. In a few days, NASA will replay the other sessions. In all, nearly 15 hours of programming was produced during the three-day symposium.

Steering Problems on Mars

NASA Mars Exploration Rover Mission Status 5 October 2004

"Engineers on NASA's Mars Exploration Rover team are investigating possible causes and remedies for a problem affecting the steering on Spirit.

The relay for steering actuators on Spirit's right-front and left-rear wheels did not operate as commanded on Oct. 1."

1 October 2004: NASA Ames Centerwide Memo: Organizational Changes at Ames

"In an effort to begin orienting Ames Research Center more closely with NASA Headquarters and the NASA transformation, the following organizational title changes are effective immediately."



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