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Editor's note: Things are really picking up here in Orlando. The AIAA tells me that they have more than 1,000 participants. Interest in attending is very high. Last night Sean O'Keefe got a farewell from the assembled attendees tonight at a reception in a gigantic tent erected to hold the exhibits. More tomorrow from the meeting itself.

This meeting will also be webcast - go here for an agenda and a link for the webcast.

Update: Sean O'Keefe told the audience this morning that the President's FY 2006 budget, to be released on 7 February, would contain a budget increase, rare among agencies funded under discretionary spending, that would continue the Adminstration's committment to providing the resources required to implement the President's Vision for Space Exploration.

Editor's note: NASA posted the charters for these Roadmap committees today. It would seem that all of these charters had approval dates of 23 December 2004 - exactly one month ago.

Editor's note: There are a number of NASA Strategic Roadmap meetings this week, next week, and in the weeks ahead. Last week I made note of the fact that, with one exception, none of the membership rosters for the dozen or so committees had been released. Nor had any meeting agendas or committee charters been released by NASA other than short notices posted in the Federal Register. NASA PAO sent me membership lists for 4 of these committees but many more remain unknown. PAO also told me that the membership rosters would be posted on the official Roadmap website last week. This has not happened. Yes, someone created a new page of each of these committees, but these pages all say "More Information Coming Soon..." when it comes to any information about the committees.

I can help. I typed in four of the committee rosters off of a fax last week (see below). Someone@nasa could copy them and post them on the NASA site. I also have the short descriptions of the commitees from the Federal Register online (also below) Hey, its a start.

NASA Letter to Potential Offerors to Review The Draft Crew Exploration Vehicle Solicitation

"You are invited to review the draft NASA/Exploration Systems Mission Directorate Crew Exploration Vehicle solicitation. The Nation's Vision for Space Exploration sets a goal of developing a new Crew Exploration Vehicle by 2014 that is capable of carrying astronauts beyond low Earth orbit and a goal of landing astronauts on the Moon no later than 2020. The CEV represents one building block in a future exploration architecture that can send astronauts to the moon and form the basis for exploration missions to other destinations."

Moving Ahead

NASA's future tied to strong showing now, supporters say, Orlando Sentinel

"Much has been made of the fact that Bush barely mentioned space exploration last year after his speech at NASA headquarters in January. But in an interview with regional reporters last week, he was emphatic about his support. "The space vision met some resistance by some, but we got it fully funded," said Bush, adding that he likes the idea of going back to the moon, using it as a testing ground and then going beyond. "I spent capital before," he said. "I'll spend it again on NASA."

VSE +365

The Vision for Space Exploration: A Progress Report

"One year after President Bush visited NASA Headquarters on January 14, 2004 and proposed with the Vision for Space Exploration bold new goals for our nation's space program, I'm pleased to report that our journey to the cosmos is well underway."

CRAVE Contract Awards

7 January 2005: NASA Awards Crew Robotics, Vehicle Equipment Contracts

"NASA has awarded contracts to two companies and two institutions for Crew Robotics and Vehicle Equipment (CRAVE) work. Total value of each of the four contracts is not to exceed $48 million."

NASA Exploration of Mars Strategic Roadmap Committee Charter

The NASA Exploration of Mars Strategic Roadmap Committee will be meeting 4-6 January 2005 at NASA JPL. NASA PAO supplied the following membership list of this committee to NASA Watch:



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