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Senate Commerce Committee Approves National Aeronautics and Space Administration Act of 2005

"INTENDED to be proposed by Mr. STEVENS (for himself, Mr. INOUYE, Mrs. HUTCHISON, and Mr. NELSON of Florida): Within 9 months after the date of enactment of this Act, the Comptroller General shall transmit to the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation and the House of Representatives Committee on Science an assessment of the feasibility of NASA's planning for exploration of the Moon and Mars, giving special consideration to the long-term cost implications of program archi12 tecture and schedules."

An Analysis of the Precursor Measurements of Mars Needed to Reduce the Risk of the First Human Mission to Mars, MEPAG

"The Mars Human Precursor Science Steering Group was chartered by MEPAG in June 2004 to analyze the priorities for precursor investigations, measurements, and technology/infrastructure demonstrations that would have a significant effect on the cost and risk of the first human mission to Mars."

Editor's note: According to NASA sources, the Exploration Systems Mission Directorate has recommended (internally) that NASA pursue development of a heavy lift launch system based, in part, on the current Space Shuttle. Such a Shuttle-derived Launch Vehicle (SDLV) would be capable of placing 80-100 metric tons of payload into Low Earth Orbit (LEO). NASA is expected to formally reveal its SDLV plans in the first week of July.

NASA chief: Marshall has 'brightest future', Huntsville Times

"Griffin said an attractive option would be to use the shuttle propulsion elements with a new cargo-carrying vehicle hung on the massive 15-story external fuel tank. This would keep shuttle production lines going - a cost saving measure - and experienced shuttle propulsion workers in their jobs. A final decision on NASA's next heavy-lift vehicle could come within the next few weeks, Griffin said."

NASA chief boosts Michoud spirits, Times Picayune

"Griffin said that fulfilling President Bush's directive to return astronauts to the moon by 2020 will require not only a new vehicle for astronauts, but a heavy-lift cargo spaceship as well. The new cargo vehicle will require "assets that only the Michoud plant can deliver," he said."

- Industry Presentation - 9 May 2005
- Draft RFP Released - 7 June 2005
- Draft RFP Comments Due - 17 June 2005
- Final RFP Released - 24 June 2005
- Past Performance Received - 15 July 2005
- Proposals Received - 4 Aug 2005
- Contract Award - 22 Nov 2005



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