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NASA MSFC Solicitation: Physical Models of Launch Vehicles for NASA

"Arcata Associates, Inc.(Arcata/UNITeS); in support of the United NASA Information Technology Services (UNITeS) Prime Contract, intends to acquire, on a full and open competitive basis, physical models of proposed launch vehicles, a total of five different formats/groupings."

Editor's note: Have a look at 114ARC39673 Attachment J-1 SOW (16 MB Word) contains images with detailed drawings of the LSAM. CEV, CLV etc.

CLV Procurement Begins

NASA MSFC Solicitation: Crew Launch Vehicle First Stage

"ATK is the only source for a large human-rated, reusable solid propellant motor."

Let's Not Forget About Mars

Lunar Exploration Vision Obscures Successes on Mars, Editorial, Aviation Week & Space Technology

"To deemphasize the robotic Mars program now, in a tradeoff with the manned lunar vision, would be a terrible mistake. Washington needs to be reawakened to the quantifiable payoff the robotic Mars program brings now, in terms of NASA political capital in Congress and scientific, educational and technological benefits to the U.S. as a whole. Accompanying these factors is exploration as a positive symbol of America's contributions to all mankind."

Hawking Weighs in on VSE

Hawking's cosmological riff, CNet

"When asked about his thoughts on President Bush's proposal to put a man on Mars within 10 years, [Stephen] Hawking simply replied: "Stupid."

Editor's note: Yesterday's webcast of the hearing was interrupted several times due to server problems. The Committee has archived the entire webcast

Prepared Statement by Michael Griffin

"We have adopted a "go-as-you-can-pay" approach toward space exploration, and have set clear priorities and made difficult choices to remain within the budget for exploration."

House Science Democrats: No Consensus on Best Path Forward for NASA

"A number of Science Democrats also voiced their concern at today's hearing over NASA's planned cuts to important agency science and research programs, including the continuing decline in the aeronautics budget. NASA is instituting the cuts to make room for implementation of the Administration's exploration plan. Among the NASA programs facing budgetary cuts are the life sciences program and fundamental Space Station research."

Transcript: Hearing on Status of NASA's Programs, House Science Committee

Opening Statement by Rep. Sherwood Boehlert

"I want to see NASA succeed. I want to see Dr. Griffin succeed. But we can't premise that success on money that doesn't exist and isn't all that likely to exist. And the time to discuss those hard facts is now."

Griffin: NASA Faces $3-5 Billion Gap in Shuttle Budget

Opening Statement by Rep. Bart Gordon

Opening Statement by Rep. Mark Udall

Editor's note: Have a look at these two items relating to research on Hall thrusters. One project at GRC has been cancelled, yet another is apparently still underway at MSFC. If the GRC research was deemed to not support CEV development, why then is the MSFC research still underway?

Griffin to Testify on Status of NASA programs

House Science Committee: Status of NASA's Programs - Hearing Charter

"If NASA does not receive a significant increase in its projected budgets over the next five years, it will either have to drop its plans to accelerate the development of a Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV) or it will have to significantly cut science and/or aeronautics. NASA has already proposed significant cuts in some areas of its exploration budget and in Space Station research to accelerate development of the CEV."

Editor's note: At the start of his opening statement, Rep. Bart Gordon complained that NASA did not provide Griffin's prepared testimony until 4 pm yesterday - for a 10 AM hearing today. Gordon warned that if this happens again that he will have to recommend that the practice be followed as it was under Rep. Sensenbrenner - and cancel the hearing.

Editor's note: Rep. Boehlert opened his questions with the movie line "show me the money".

Griffin told Rep. Gordon that the Hubble Servicing Mission is "my highest priority for the shuttle". When asked what his projected budget shortfall was between now and FY 2010, Griffin said "we are several billion dollars short in the shuttle operations line". When pushed by Gordon for a specific number - perhaps "in the 3-6" billion dollar range Griffin said that it was in the "3-5" billion dollar range. Later Griffin said that NASA will be "subsidizing" to the tune of "a half a billion dollars" a commercial resupply effort for the ISS. Last week in hearings, NASA's CFO said that she would not sign off on NASA's annual fiscal report if held to the same standard as the private sector is. When asked to comment on this, Griffin really had no answer - other than to say "I hope that by '08 we will be in good shape".

Griffin said that when he speaks of 'science" he refers to things done in the Science Mission Directorate. Life science was not included in that grouping of "science" - and Griffin said that he felt that doing life science research now "was putting the cart before the horse."

CEV Managers Appointed

NASA Appoints Constellation Program Managers

"Jeffrey Hanley has been appointed manager of NASA's Constellation Program. He will lead development of the nation's new spacecraft and launch system, which as part of the Vision for Space Exploration will take astronauts to the moon, Mars and beyond. Mark Geyer was appointed as deputy program manager."



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