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" On Friday, December 30, 2005, the President signed into law: ... S. 1281, the "National Aeronautics and Space Administration Authorization Act of 2005," which authorizes appropriations for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration for FYs 2007 and 2008; provides authorities to achieve the President's Vision for Space Exploration; and amends numerous NASA authorities, including those related to the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station."

Executive Summary (Introduction): NASA Exploration Systems Architecture Study Final Report (DRAFT) October 2005, NASA HQ

"To determine the best exploration architecture and strategy to implement these many changes, the Exploration Systems Architecture Study (ESAS) team was established at NASA Headquarters (HQ) as discussed below."

Executive Summary (CEV): NASA Exploration Systems Architecture Study Final Report (DRAFT) October 2005, NASA HQ

"One of the key requirements to enable a successful human space exploration program is the development and implementation of a vehicle capable of transporting and housing crew on LEO, lunar, and Mars missions."

Editor's note: 793 pages to wade through - all quite interesting. More to follow -- after Christmas.

At first glance, you can tell that they really put a lot of thought into this report - the schematics (below) of a lunar outpost build-up plan and the LSAM trade studies are good examples. Of course as the budget "sand" chart (below) shows, this is not going to be cheap.

Where's the ESAS report?

Editor's note: In September, after the announcement of the ESAS architecture results, NASA was telling people that it would release the actual ESAS report in a few weeks. This document was suposed to be hundreds of pages in length. Several months have passed. Where's the report?

NASA has told OMB what money it needs iin FY 2007 - and why it needs that money. OMB has now responded via the FY 2007 budget passback. Wouldn't you think that the ESAS report would be needed to guide the budget formulation process?

Editor's update: Word has it that a CD version of this report was distributed - but was then recalled due to errors.

Letter from NASA ESMD Deputy Doug Cooke Regarding Robotic Lunar Exploration Program 2 Roles

Editor's note:This letter was sent out by Doug Cooke at ESMD on 29 September 2005 with guidance to the NASA centers about RLEP2 roles. It is clear that there was no intent to give APL the Comm/Nav piece. Comm/Nav was explicitly called out as a GSFC role.

Griffin on Exploration

Leadership in Space - Speech by NASA Administrator Michael Griffin

"Throughout history, the great civilizations have always extended the frontiers of their times. Indeed, this is almost a tautology; we define as "great" only those civilizations which did explore and expand their frontiers, thereby ultimately influencing world culture. And when, inevitably, some societies retreated from the frontiers they had pioneered, their greatness subsided as well."



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