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NASA Strategic Management Council Meeting 2 November 2006: Status of the Exploration Strategy and Architecture Activities

NASA Program Management Council Meeting Mintues and Actions 1 November 2006: ESMD Presentation

"... Within the program, three of the four projects are rated yellow: Orion, Ares and Ground Operations. Mission Operations Project is rated green at this time. ... Green is on target, yellow is off target but recoverable, red is unrecoverable."

"... Reserves posture: carrying 5-16% being held at the program level. This means that each project is not receiving full reserves at this time."

"... The program is driving toward development by 2012 and would like to get flight dates as close as possible to 2012, so they are working different combinations to do that. However, the reserves fall in between 2012-2014, not when needed."

Editor's note: Since this meeting, the LRO program has already gone $45M over budget, principally at GSFC, per FY 2008 budget documents. More importantly, this presentation was made before the 2007 budget CR was announced and enacted - a budget that just makes bothersome things much worse for ESMD.

NASA MSFC Solicitation: Ares 1 Upper Stage Production

"NASA will conduct a single overview session with Industry on March 6, 2007. This session will be held with the declared Upper Stage Production potential Prime Contractor Teams who previously responded to the Notice of Intent and also attended the one-on-ones at the presolicitation conference. Industry participation shall be limited to five persons per team. The content of this session is for the Government to present a demonstration of the cost volume spreadsheets. Any questions and answers will be processed as stated in the Final RFP."

McCain on Space Exploration

McCain meets religious broadcasters in Fla., holds town meetings, KVOA

"[Republican presidential candidate John McCain] also said he strongly supports missions to Mars and that Florida should continue to play a major role in space exploration. "There's too much invested there. There's infrastructure that's very expensive and very extensive there," he said."

Coalition for Space Exploration Partners With Texas Space Grant Consortium to Sponsor NASA-University Public Relations Competition

"The Coalition for Space Exploration today announced a partnership with the Texas Space Grant Consortium to sponsor the 2007 NASA Means Business competition. NASA Means Business (NMB) is a program that provides an opportunity for college students in marketing, advertising and media to demonstrate and develop their skills by producing a communications plan that will inform and inspire the public to support America's space program."

Editor's note: It seems the new leadership at the Coalition for Space Exploration has gotten the message that an increasing number of people have been sending lately i.e. that more of an effort needs to be made to enlist and reach out to younger people with regard to space exploration. The group that will be funded in Texas has already made some amazing stuff - most notably, in my opinion, the short Public Service Announcement titled "Reach". This selection is an excellent first step. Much, much more remains to be done however.

Reach Video link, NASA Means Business competition in 2003

NASA's Exploration Mission: And the Children Shall Reach Out - and Lead, SpaceRef

Motion-sensitive spacesuits could generate power, New Scientist

"Astronauts' spacesuits may one day be covered in motion-sensitive proteins that could generate power from the astronauts' movement, according to futuristic research being conducted by a new lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts, US. Such "power skins" could also be used to coat future human bases on Mars, where they could produce energy from the Martian wind."

AIAA on Lunar Architecture

AIAA Space Colonization Technical Committee Recommends Actions for Robust Implementation of Lunar Settlements

"To implement the President's Vision for Space Exploration, the United States must commit to the early establishment of a Moon base by 2015. This Lunar base will be an ideal testbed for opening new frontiers to human exploration by maximally employing commercial and private products and services. The AIAA/SCTC recommends that specific RDT&E goals be implemented. This will be accomplished by establishment of the scientific and industrial capabilities of a permanent Lunar settlement and development of the commercial revenue sources on the Moon."

Editor's note: Well, it sure looks like Mike Griffin is really getting the budget shaft - this time from both the White House and Congress. When it comes to the budget he needs to implement the very same exploration policy that the White House initiated and Congress voted to approve, no one seems to care anymore. What's a NASA Administrator to do? Yes, this video offers one silly solution - but it seems almost logical when you look at the bait and switch approach currently being taken at both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue.

Space exploration: Where 24 men have gone before, Nature (cover story - free access)

"Already the agency is facing some tough financial choices. The 7% over five years that President Bush spoke of did not end up in his budgets; in the White House's budget request for fiscal year 2007, produced last January, NASA's budget was kept essentially flat. "I would give Bush an 'A' for vision and a 'C-' for follow-through," [NASA Watch editor Keith] Cowing says."



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