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Keith's note: SOMD AA Bill Gerstenmaier made a presentation to the 16 June Space Council meeting. The last slide (larger image) from his presentation (the rest of it is just pretty pictures) titled "Capability Driven Exploration" offers some insight into where a combined SOMD/ESMD exploration plan might be headed. Alas, this chart (and the path it suggests) is "notional" - like just about everything NASA says about its future plans these days. You have to wonder how long the agency can limp along with all this "notional" stuff taking the place of real, concrete, executable plans for exploration.

Keith's note: The Morpheus Lander guys are looking to do live firing tests today. You can check their progress via @MorpheusLander on Twitter and watch live here.

New lunar lander test sparks grass fire at NASA, Houston Chronicle

"A new lunar lander that NASA workers were testing apparently sparked a grass fire this afternoon on the grounds at the Johnson Space Center, officials said. The fire erupted about 2:40 p.m. in an empty field near Saturn and 2nd Street at the space center, officials said."



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