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Astronauts Practice Launching in NASA's New Orion Spacecraft, NASA

"Astronauts Rick Linnehan and Mike Foreman try out a prototype display and control system inside an Orion spacecraft mockup at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston during the first ascent and abort simulations for the program.

For the first time, NASA astronauts are practicing a launch into space aboard the agency's Orion spacecraft, and provided feedback on the new capsule's cockpit design."

Astronaut training resumes at undersea lab in the Florida Keys with 5-day mission, AP

"Starting Tuesday, five astronauts will spend five days living and working at the Aquarius Reef Base. While they're underwater, they'll be trying out an exercise device that could be used on the International Space Station and spacewalking tools."

Keith's note: NASA Astronauts living underwater - sound familiar? NASA's NEEMO used to do this. Not any more. NASA killed NEEMO. Now they have a stealthy low-key version they call "Space Environment Analog for Testing EVA Systems and Training (SEA TEST)". There is no mention of this activity at NASA HQ. JSC has a page up but no press release was ever issued. No mention of "NEEMO" is made - not even in photos that are shown from earlier NEEMO missions. Why is NASA being so shy about this activity? Is NASA embarrassed to admit that it killed NEEMO? Among the current visitors of the Aquarius Facility is legendary aquanaut Sylvia Earle. You'd think that some one at NASA would be paying attention. Think again.

- Aquarius Reef Base, main website
- Live streaming video

Even though NASA PAO is ignoring these activities you can follow tweets at @ReefBase, @Astro_Soichi, @AstroAcaba, @Astro_Andreas, @Asto_Kate7, and @Thom_astro

It's rocket science at Penn State's Applied Research Lab, Penn State News

MOA Between NASA JSC and Penn State for Collaboration on the Development and improvement of Reaction Control Engines

"NASA JSC and Penn State wish to collaborate on the further development of a JSC inhouse designed liquid oxygen (L02)lliquid methane (LCH4) reaction control engine (RCE) to characterize its performance over an expanded range of operating conditions... Penn State is seeking an RCE for their Lunar Lion vehicle as part of its participation in the Google Lunar X-Prize."

NASA Selects Top 96 Asteroid Initiative Ideas

"NASA has chosen 96 ideas it regards as most promising from more than 400 submitted in response to its June request for information (RFI) about protecting Earth from asteroids and finding an asteroid humans can explore."

- Bolden's Confusing Asteroid Mission Rationale, earlier post



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