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NASA Internal Memo: IAM Update

"We recognize that, while Headquarters continues to assess the budget and scope of IAM, some of you have been compelled to react independently of an Agency budget decision. I can assure you that an Agency position is forthcoming; unfortunately, I cannot predict when that position will be announced. Given the sizable costs and the significant strategic impact of IAM, the decision will likely not get made until after the new Administrator is on board. Meanwhile, to protect the prerogatives of the new Administrator, we should not assume or act as if a decision has been made one way or the other."

NASA HQ IFM Newsletter 11 April 2005

"We're still keeping the IAM project warm and humming, despite the recent sweeping of the grim reaper's scythe through the Program's budget, the detailing away of the IAM project manager, and no real decision made yet on our future. Leaves us in the somewhat odd position of having the GAO as our bedfellow for wanting to see the IFM Program through as originally designed."

NASA HQ IFM Newsletter 4 April 2005, NASA HQ

"Would you like to complain about IFMP? Well here's your chance to let it rip. Or even, heaven forbid, pay a compliment....maybe we should have one of those "American Idol" type dial-ins every now and again...until then, here's what we'll be doing. Very soon you will hear much more regarding the Customer Satisfaction Survey that will be conducted by the Competency Center in mid-April."

NASA HQ IFM Newsletter 29 March 2005

"Inspector General announces audit of the Integrated Asset Management (IAM) Project: ... The IG maintains its record-breaking run on the investigation of the IFM Program by announcing yet another audit, this time they are going to assess the adequacy of NASAs early planning for requirements and life-cycle operations for the IAM Project; specifically focusing on (amongst other things) ensuring we have effective procedures for planning and monitoring the development of the module, identifying all users, and making sure we have the right set of user requirements obtained following the right set of processes."

Editor's note: I certainly can't imagine why the NASA OIG would want to check up on NASA's financial management system! After all, NASA's IFM Program has been so amazingly timely, accurate, and ahead of schedule these past few years ... Now if only they could pay travel vouchers on time.



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