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NASA HQ IFM Newsletter 24 May 2005

"A week or so ago, we briefed the usual line-up of Bill Atkins, Ken Munro, and Kristi Karls on the state of the IFM Program. Though there was another staffer chap (whose name I did not catch, unfortunately) that though he was more like their Andie MacDowell to our Bill Murray - he's on the minority side, so his point of view did not count. Ah well ... and as they say in Punxsutawney, "Tomorrow's another day!"

NASA Internal Memo: Enterprise Council (EC) ViTS 19 April 2005

"In the future, when someone goes to the Hill on a request from Congress, make sure that Code A, the Office of Legislative Affairs, and the Office of Public Affairs know so there is coordination of one NASA message."

Editor's note: Gee, I wonder what NASA Legislative Affairs thinks of this arrogant and dismissive attitude on the part of HQ IFM employees when it comes to their Congressional interactions - that is, of course, assuming that there is anyone left in Code L who knows enough to pay attention to such things. Curiously, one of Mike Griffin's inner circle, Liam Sarsfield, is supposedly working closely with the IFM crowd.



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