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Financial Audit: The National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Fiscal Year 2004 Management Representation Letter on Its Financial Statements. GAO-05-591R, June 23.

"NASA's fiscal year 2004 management representation letter did not provide all the information necessary to support Treasury and OMB's preparation of the CFS management representation letter. This in turn impacted our ability to rely on the representations in the CFS management representation letter in combination with individual federal agency representation letters."

Finanical Management: Thousands of Civilian Agency Contractors Abuse the Federal System with Little Consequence, GAO

"To demonstrate the effect of payments to contractors using the purchase card, we obtained the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's (NASA) fiscal year 2004 purchase card transactions and compared the contractors from which NASA purchased goods and services to the IRS unpaid taxes database."

NASA OIG: Synopsis of Management Issues Associated with NASA's Integrated Financial Management Program

"In my view, the attached synopsis reflects the most significant problems in financial management at NASA: financial management is decentralized, with Center Chief Financial Officers more responsive to Center operational needs than to enterprise solutions for the Agency, and Agency-wide business processes suitable for an integrated approach have not been established. Proceeding with enterprise solutions under these circumstances is untenable."



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