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Editor's note: "Flat Gorby is also onboard station, or at least a dog who looks like him. I've attached an image [enlarge] that was a screen capture at the end of test operations for the Capillary Flow Experiments Vane Gap 2 experiment. The test vessels are mounted to the MWA and one of the ISS PD100 camcorders is positioned to record the data. The camera is typically left on after testing is complete, including the "fly around" when it is re-positioned back to the end of the US lab module as one of the end node cameras."

Gorby Update

Editor's note: The following excerpt regarding Sunita Williams' increasingly famous dog "Gorby" is from a live "ship to ship" conversation between the NEEMO 12 crew aboard the Aquarius habitat and Suni Williams aboard the International Space Station held on 17 May 2007:

Suni Williams/ISS: "I also want to say thank you so much for bringing Gorby with you. Its really cool to see him. You guys know I really miss him, I miss home - but up here its such a wonderful experience. But to see him there with you is pretty cool - so thank you so much."

Heidemarie M. Stefanyshyn-Piper/NEEMO: "Well, Suni, you should be getting an email - I passed it on to Shannon to send you. Yesterday we had our PAO event - and when we had it with Keith Cowing from NASA Watch [transcript]. He asked us 'who the dog was' [on the Aquarius refrigerator]. So we told him all about it - that it was your dog, at that it was "Flat Gorby". So, in the article he wrote, well, I think NEEMO got mentioned, but the rest of the article was all about Gorby. [Laughter] So now Gorby is a celebrity."

An Interview With the NASA NEEMO 12 Crew and Their Mascot "Flat Gorby", Transcript, SpaceRef

Editor's note: On Wednesday I did a short (5 minute) live interview with the NEEMO 12 crew from their Aquarius underwater habitat. As the interview before mine was being conducted, I noticed something rather curious on one of the Aquarius webcams: someone inside Aquarius was fiddling with a giant refrigerator magnet - one that features a nearly life-sized dog. When I asked what this was I was told that it is called "Flat Gorby". "Gorby" is ISS Expedition 15 astronaut Suni William's dog. According to Williams official bio: she has "a crazy Jack Russell Terrier named Gorby". My wife and I have two cats. I understand. Apparently the NEEMO folks have been taking Flat Gorby wherever they go.

Make your own Flat Gorby magnet ( new 1.2 MB hi res image) - and send us a picture of where Gorby ends up around the world.

Reader note: "I just watched the ship to ship call between ISS and Aquarius on NASA TV, and they were talking about your Gorby article on NASA watch. Heide mentioned that they took a closeup photo of Gorby on the NEEMO fridge and sent it to JSC to answer your request."

Editor's note: I never reveal my sources .... woof



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