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Federal Acquisition Regulation; Removal of Regulations Relating to Telegraphic Communication, NASA et al

"DoD, GSA, and NASA are proposing to amend the FAR to delete the use of the terms ``telegram'', ``telegraph'', ``telegraphic'', and related terminology. The word ``telegram'' emerged shortly after the invention of the electrical telegraph in the 1840s. This terminology and way of communicating was incorporated into the first issue of the FAR, effective April 1, 1984. The emergence of electronic means of communication, starting with the facsimile machine, and then followed by email and mobile-phone text messages in the 1990s, resulted in the sparing use of telegraph services and use of telegrams. On this basis, the Councils are proposing to delete telegraphic services from the FAR and replace these terms with an option for electronic communications. This case is consistent with the Office of Federal Procurement Policy (OFPP) Memorandum dated December 4, 2014 on transforming the marketplace, which describes ongoing actions to support the needs of a 21st century Government."

Keith's note: Of course, there is no email address listed within this whereby you can contact the government employees nor is any fax number included. Also, it looks like it took DoD, GSA, and NASA 2 years to implement this simple editorial change. Inevitably someone, somewhere within NASA will eventually think that this means that telegrams no longer need to be archived and you'll see people throwing them out or putting them in boxes without labels. Then there will come a time when the information contained in those telegrams will needed and ... we've seen this movie before. Moon walk tapes anyone? Larger image (NASA actually used telegrams for important stuff once upon a time).



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