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Keith's note: Dwayne Day works at the National Academy of Sciences - where experts review our nation's science and technology programs. Its a rather prestigious place. As best I can tell all Dwayne has ever done there is to sit in the corner in rooms full of smart people and write down what they say. Dwayne apparently thinks this gives him the chops to sit in judgement of someone like Buzz Aldrin. In this posting Dwayne Day goes on a lengthy tirade full of gratuitous cheap shots and insults aimed squarely at making Buzz look foolish.

We all know Buzz. We all love Buzz. And Buzz will always be Buzz. But for an employee of the National Academy of Sciences (or anyone else) to mount such a public attack against an 87 year old American legend is simply inexcusable. I wonder what the senior scientists who sit on NAS panels would think if they knew what Dwayne Day says about another senior citizen - Buzz Aldrin.

Keith's 9 May note: After leaving it online for 4 days with (last time I checked) 525 retweets and more than 200 likes, this tweet easily resulted in millions of Twitter impressions. It was factually wrong, NASA knew it was incorrect, admitted that it was incorrect, but let it stay online all this time, thus deliberately misinforming millions of taxpayers, students etc. This is what the tweet looked like before it was deleted.
And of course, @NASA_SLS left their correction online without the original tweet that it was correcting. Go figure.



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