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Hubble Trouble (Again)

NASA Budget Cuts Plan to Service Hubble, Sources Say, Washington Post

"The sources, who declined to be identified because the budget will not be officially rolled out until Feb. 7, could not confirm a report by, an online news service, that the budget would include money to develop a robotic vehicle to steer the telescope into the sea when its batteries or gyros give out, probably sometime after 2007."

Lanzerotti to testify on Hubble scope's future, Observer Tribune

"Louis J. Lanzerotti is expected to testify before Congress next month about why the Hubble Space Telescope needs federal money to replace some of its monitoring equipment."

U.S. to cut funds to fix Hubble telescope, Reuters

"Steve Beckwith, head of the Space Telescope Science Institute that manages Hubble, said he was surprised by the reports, and questioned the relative risk of sending astronauts to the orbiting telescope. Beckwith said the National Academy of Sciences report found an astronaut mission to fix Hubble would be no riskier than a shuttle mission to the International Space Station."

Senator Vows to Fight for Hubble, SKy & Telescope

"Hubble project scientist David Leckrone (NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center) was surprised by the latest attack on Hubble but not ready to concede defeat. "Rumors like this sometimes are just trial balloons," said Leckrone. "This agency has found the way to pay for four prior servicing missions to HST. It can do it again."

American Astronomical Society Endorses NRC Report on "The Assessment of Options for Extending the Life of Hubble Space Telescope"

"The American Astronomical Society (AAS) endorses the work of this distinguished committee and its conclusion that the lowest risk HST servicing mission is a manned servicing mission as originally envisioned for SM-4."

30 December 2004: IEEE-USA Urges 'Safe Servicing' of Hubble Space Telescope for Humankind

"NASA should continue planning and preparing for the [space shuttle] SM-4 [servicing] mission, while expert panels and the National Academy of Science develop their reports and the [servicing] issue is thoroughly reviewed." IEEE- USA stressed that it "supports exploring all possible avenues to prolong the useful life of the telescope for the benefit of science and humanity."



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