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Hubble Update

NASA HST Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS) Status Update

"On Thursday afternoon, June 29, the HST's senior managers attended the Flight Readiness Review (FRR) of the activities required to install flight software into, and transition the ACS to its Side 2 (redundant) electronics. The review was also attended by Dr. Jennifer Wiseman (NASA HQ) and the ST ScI Director, Dr. Matt Mountain."

Hubble Update

NASA Issues Hubble Space Telescope Status Report

NASA Hubble Space Telescope: Update on Suspension of ACS Operations, STSCI

"At this point, the ACS is in a safe configuration, and analysis of engineering data at the time of the suspension is ongoing. Initial indications are that there is a problem with one set of electronics used to provide power to the CCDs. A review board is meeting June 29 to determine the best course of action."

NASA Hubble Space Telescope Daily Report #4141

"ACS Transition to Operate1 - Ops Request 17802-0 was completed at 173/21:11:12, successfully transitioning ACS from Suspend to its Operate1 state. In this state, ACS normal engineering data collection can be observed."

NASA Hubble Space Telescope's Advanced Camera for Surveys Suspends Operations, STSCI

"On Monday, 19 June 2006, at 1:15 pm EDT (17:15 UT), the Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS) issued status buffer messages indicating that the +15V and +5V power supply voltages in the CCD Electronics Box (CEB) were above their high limits, causing the ACS to suspend. This event occurred in a period with no ACS commanding and outside the SAA. A dump of the relevant data showed that a total of 36 CEB items exceeded limits at the time of the event."

NASA Hubble Space Telescope Daily Report #4134

"DOY 164/2006 Zero-Gyro Sunpoint (ZGSP) Safemode Flash Report - At GMT 164/20:35:26 the vehicle entered ZGSP Safemode due to the failure of the Magnetic Field Position safemode test. The initial investigation shows no signs of hardware issues. ... The recovery of HST from the Zero Gyro Sun Point safemode entry is proceeding nominally."



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